Object Photographed from Canada

I have added a link to NewBranes.com on the side bar. The photograph on the right is a photograph from their site of an object that is similar in appearance to the one I photographed except that this object is visible in the infrared at night.

Take a look, particularly at the ufo photos section. They appear to be photographing an object that is very similar in appearance to the one that I have photographed.

This object is particularly visible in the infrared at night. I don’t know if this is the same object or not. The object I photographed last August from Edmonds was four times larger in apparent diameter than the object I photographed in late March from Richmond Beach. Edmonds is only 4-5 miles north of Richmond Beach so if it was the same object then it couldn’t have been too far north of Edmonds unless it moved.

The object to the right was photographed from Surrey, BC, Canada, about 100 miles or so north of Edmonds. If it is the same object then it is quite high in the sky as it appears fairly high up in the sky from Edmonds and Richmond Beach.

This has been photographed repeatedly by the folks up in Surrey, it seems to be there quite frequently but not always.

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