UFO / Orbs – Look For Them!

If you have seen or photographed objects like I did last August or at the end of March (see the March archive of this blog for photos), please contact me.

There is one person up on Surrey BC Canada who is seeing and photographing a similar object north of Surrey. There are some interesting aspects of these objects. During the day they come very close to matching the brightness and color of the sky so they are not noticeable to the naked eye or un-processed photograph.

However, contrast enhancement brings them out and makes them visible. They can be seen on unprocessed photographs or with the naked eye if you know where to look and what to look for but they are just barely visible.

They apparently give off heat as they are highly visible using infrared sensitive equipment at night, at least in the case of the object north of Surrey.

The fuzzy appearance, like they aren’t entirely in focus, is part of their nature. You can see in both photos that I took objects with smaller pixel counts that are focused, and you can see in the picture I took yesterday, which there wasn’t a UFO, there was an airplane in the same general location and it was in focus.

Further, the person in British Columbia trained a telescope on one and it will not come into focus on the telescope either.

So what we know about these objects so far, they’re stealthy in the visible spectrum, they give of infared, radiating heat, which makes them highly visible to IR sensitive cameras at night.

They appear defocused, both in visible light and infrared, and this is a property of them, not merely equipment out of focus.

They have been visible from Shoreline and Edmonds Washington to the north, and from Surrey BC to the north. If it were one object that hadn’t moved, it would have to be very high and very huge. It does appear to come and go though so it might be more than one object that visits both areas or it might be more than one similar object.

It is the last possibility that concerns me the most. If there is one near here, one a hundred miles to the north, is there only the two or are there thousands or even tens of thousands of these floating around in the sky worldwide, and if so to what end.

For this reason I’d really like to hear from others outside of the immediate area. Try photographing clear skies, use the lowest ASA setting and highest resolution on your camera, manually focus at infinity because with no subject in the field your camera may be out of focus otherwise, take pictures. Then take a program like PaintShop Pro and use the “Clarify” function, or else manually enhance the contrast, then look for “orb” like objects in the sky.

If you see anything let us know!

3 thoughts on “UFO / Orbs – Look For Them!

  1. Didn’t they do an article on you in Linux Journal several years ago? You were using a few Sun IPX machines or something way back when. If this is the same guy, I believe you about the UFO thing. Do you have any pics that you took of the orbs? I have a web camera that will take pics almost in total darkness. Do you think I can capture anything aiming it at the sky at night? I guess I would need to go to a place with little to no light pollution.

  2. Ben, yes, I am the same guy. At the time we used a combination of Sun 4/670MP, 4/330, and IPX’s. Now mostly Ultra 2’s.

    The only thing about the webcam is that generally webcams are generally really low resolution.

    I don’t think light pollution matters much, in the IR these are bright and hard to miss. In the visible aren’t light at all, they match the color and brightness of the sky really closely, so during the day what you need is low noise and contrast enhancement.

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