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I received some interesting e-mail today and after much thought I’ve decided to link the website related to it,, and just offer it without too much commentary beyond to say that I’ll take a look later this year when Arcturus is visible.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Something is happening – Extremely important – Something is happening – Do
our Governments know about this?

I’ve been watching a special location in the Heavens for 30 years, (UFO
Universe Freeway Entrance/Portal) and have seen several hundred mother ships
and planetary vehicles come and go. Since August, something has changed.

Three (3) small red Alien Ships are controlling the entrance. I’ve not seen
one Alien mother ship come or go since this started. They move fast, they
chase one another, they hold in place; this has been going for several weeks
now. You don’t require anything more than your own eyes. But you have to be
in a dark location, you will not be able to see them if your in a city. If
you can see the Big Dipper, look to the south around Arcturus and watch
between 9 pm and Midnight. They are too dark and move to fast to record with
any normal camera.

I think they’re here for a reason. Are they protecting our planet for some
If so – WHAT? – WHY?

They have to be security ships – very powerful and are controlling what
alien civilizations visit our galaxy – what other reason could there be?

I hope you can see the Big Dipper from your home. Good luck, enjoy, this is
exciting, but scary at the same time!

The 3 Ships spend time parked lined up with Muphrid, then they travel
through this area.
UFO Freeway Entrance Location

Left/West of Big Dipper handle

Triangle Location

Top Star
SAO 100944
GSC 1472:1436, HIP 69673, PPM 130442, HD 124897, B+19 2777
Flamsteed-Bayer: 16-Alpha Bootis

Bottom Right Star
SAO 100766
GSC 1470:1157, HIP 67927, PPM 130166, HD 121370, B+19 2725
Flamsteed-Bayer: 8-Eta Bootis

Bottom Left Location
Cursor position
RA: 14h 08m 37.5s Dec: +13°32’47”
RA: 14h 08m 28.5s Dec: +13°33’42” (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 281°40’53” Alt: +07°09’47”
Rise: 06:46 Transit: 13:34 Set: 20:22
From Muphrid:
Angular separation: 05°51’44”
Position angle: +145°05′

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  1. Yes thanks for the info. I contacted you a few years ago and asked to see your “proof”, you offered to show it to me for a large sum of cash. Your story is completely unbelievable. Your “stargate” would have to be very close to the earth to be able to see it with the naked eye and it wouldn’t appear in the same place relative to stars if it were that close. At least come up with a realistic fabricated story!

  2. Point of clarification for my first comment, I contacted the guy with this info on his website and he offered to show me his power point presentation if I paid him to travel and show it to me.

  3. June 11, 2007

    My husband and I arrived at the Ranch an hour before sundown, this is
    our 9th trip.

    Over time our experiences watching the objects in the field have
    become more intense, the objects are lower in the sky than ever
    before, more frequent and much more visible (brighter and bigger
    craft) and more inter-active with us. This trip was the most
    incredible we have experienced.

    Last night was a beautiful night in the field, the Milky Way was
    clear and there were no clouds. We were joined by another couple who
    were new to the Ranch, James Gilliland and Rip was also in the field
    with us and of course Jadar and his frisbee. Tip: You will make
    lifelong friends with Jadar if you indulge his frisbee passion even
    in the dark.

    The most surprising aspect of the Ranch/field to me is the prolific
    numbers of craft at any given time crossing the sky even at dusk.
    Rip immediately pointed out one craft going north toward the Mountain
    at incredible speeds it powered up and blinked at us a couple of
    times and then one final time before it disappeared. My
    interpretation of these blinks, which other call “powering up”
    is “Hello”. Tonight I had the most intense feeling that these
    craft were aware of our presence in the field and there were so many
    Hellos that I lost count. The strange part about the Hello is that
    it appears to defy scientific reason, and exhibit intelligent
    behavior, I will explain below.

    As the night grew darker we saw about 20 high flying craft from
    points all over. Many flew in and out of the Big Dipper Handle while
    other flew from SE to the NW while curving, wobbling and changing
    speeds and direction. As with every single trip, not one night in
    the field is the same.

    A very large craft came in much lower than the others and flew from
    the West across the field to NE. It was bigger than a 747 and
    orbed shaped. It emitted light across the entire sky. We saw a few
    more high flying orbs, one from the West that ascended higher and
    higher and went straight up into the sky.

    After James retired we saw a very significant bright flash of light
    overhead and a large orb appeared and blinked Hello on and off for 30
    seconds. This was the first time I had seen anything like this in
    the field. It was in the Milky Way when it “powered up” and
    the “Hello” flash was very bright and appeared to be the length of
    the ship. It flashed us at least 2 more times and then continued to
    head East. For this ship to be as visible as it was when it powered
    up and being in the “cloudiness” of the Milky Way indicated that the
    ship was huge. My husband believes the ship to have been at least a
    mile long based on the lights we saw being ¾ s of an inch from our



  4. For the last several months I have witnessed UFO activity in the area of the Big Dipper. Last night was no exception. You have to be patient as they appear every 10-15 min. Several nights ago I counted 11 in a 1 hour period. It’s an incredible feeling and sight. All from my backyard in the Central Valley of Ca. Very interesting!!!

  5. ok, my girlfriend and i decided to sit outside and watch the stars for 2 hours and we saw 10 ufos. flying north – south, east-west, visa versa. they’re glowing lights some got very bright then fade out then get bright again. it was incredible. they’re much faster then satillites. they’re probably 300-500 miles up. give yourself time to watch for them.

  6. yes, your right. they are here to guard & protect us & earth from unwanted beings that have been here before and influenced humans in a negative manner. humans are in the process of recieving higher awareness/consciousness.

  7. I think more important think here is to learn that we have to be open minded & ready to share this universe with other life form in ultra dimensions universe.

    If we read Vedas which are ancient text book.They clearly told us how we need to behave when we living with other life form in this universe.

    So lets improve our self & i told you one thing if you are not wrong
    Don’t worry about rest of it because your should is as strong as other .The only difference is u less awake then they are.


  8. i think it is safe to say this guy is insane, if he has seen this motherships in enough detail to distinguish the different types of ship then why hasn’t the rest of the world seen it, tell him to call doctor who and SG1 they might be able to save the day from the invading borg

  9. If you spend a few milliseconds on Google you’ll find that it’s not difficult to find reports and photographs of various crafts and unidentified flying objects from all over the world.

    However, the original post seems to take me to sites trying to sell stuff and from that I conclude that it’s really just a viral marketing ploy. No insanity, just a way to get peoples attention so you can sell them stuff.

    That said; I went for a walk last night about 3:30AM, and at the top of a hill laid down on my back and looked up at the sky, and in just about five minutes time I saw two different moving lights, too high and not right for airplanes.

    One was probably a satellite in a polar orbit, moved from southeast to northwest at a constant speed.

    The other probably a meteorite, just a fast white streak across the sky.

    But I specifically watched off the handle of the big dipper, didn’t see anything move there.

    Another aspect of the initial report that seemed odd was the report of a red color; because colors at night are hard to see unless they are relatively bright. If you take a photograph of the stars you can easily see the color in them, but to your eyes they all look white because they are too dim for the cones to see only your rods are sensitive enough.

    Really I think the initial report was just a viral marketing campaign, just like that silly thing with the whisk and other strange parts that have been passed off as a UFO, never mind the fact that shadows don’t match the background, that chromatic aberration in a distant shot was improperly faked, and one other thing I noticed, initially all the websites it showed up on were Clear Channel affiliated.

  10. I saw something amazing in southern Quebec, Eastern Townships, in 1995.
    Me and four other people were looking at the big dipper, discussing what it is called in spanish and french (le grande ourse or the big bear). We had seen a lot of slow moving satellites and I was tired of explaining to one woman that these weren’t ufo’s. Then a “satellite” flew into the dipper as we were talking about it. The woman freaks out and says “There is another ufo” and I politely kept quiet. BUT THIS SLOW MOVING LIGHT MOVED RIGHT UP TO THE TOP STAR, STOPPED ON IT, THEN MOVED DOWN TO THE NEXT STAR AND STOPPED !! It was as if it was connecting the dots. I can’t remember the exact configuration of the stars it flew to but it had basically formed a diamond shape with a cross in the middle, then flew right down the handle and disappeared. We were all looking at this saying “WOW!”. Funny, we didn’t discuss it afterwards, then I started playing guitar by the campfire and was looking at the frets and strings so I missed what happened next. Whatever happened it was quick and dramatic, judging by my four friends screams and shrieks. All they said afterwards was “Wow, unbelievable” I said that I had missed it and no one told me what they had seen, and I didn’t ask. That’s very strange to me now. I saw two of these people the next day and we didn’t discuss it. I moved to Maryland shortly after this, and haven’t seen or spoken to these people since. But it is time to go back there and talk to one of these people who still lives there. I’ve been on the web for 12 years now and only in the past month have I shared this with anyone on the web. (Have told 1/2 dozen friends, but I don’t think they believe me)
    This is the only UFO I have seen. I believed in them before, but before this experience I didn’t view them as a paranormal phenomenon. Let me just state the obvious here: Whatever this light was, it knew we were looking at and talking about the big dipper. Then it had to know the precise trajectory of our line of vision to the dipper, or the trajectory of the light from the stars to our eyes, and it positioned itself accordingly so it could appear to be flying from star to star. The object appeared to be about a mile or so up in the sky. The whole sighting lasted about 20 or 30 seconds. Then again me “stating the obvious” here assumes that the light was an actual physical object occupying time and space in the third dimension. In time I may get some new insight, because this is the first time I have articulated that there is the possibility of this light being multi-dimensional. I have very little knowledge or understanding of 4-D or 5-D. I see similiarity in my experience to the person on the ranch speaking here who saw these lights blinking “hello” to her. My dipper light was clearly communicating. I also had a new insight tonight, that “my” light may be similar to the lights which have been observed making crop circles. If the moderator doesn’t mind me posting my email, it is
    Thank You
    Steve Hay

  11. Hi, I googled for information regarding seeing moving object moving horizontally between the two stars that make the bottom of the Big Dipper. I have seen the same thing over three different nights after 9:30 PM. I am fascinated by this and in my mind I wondered if there is a wormhole in that area. The object looks like star, but it moved across and then just disappeared. I am seeing these with the naked eye. I am in Mesquite, NV. Have excellent star gazing sky here. Judy

  12. Everyone should watch their skies. UFO’s or something profound are in our skies and appear more then are actual stars. I look up in the sky every night to see what is going on. Usually our skies are full of chemtrails or are overclouded. But on the nights that you can see stars, the night is bright and vivid and full of ufo’s. I have had multiple encounters with ufo’s. But there is something very uncanny going on up there… I notice the constellation “The Big Dipper” or what i thought it to be, it was actually a group of what looked to be 8 individual aliens making up the star pattern of the big dipper. the aliens kept blinking in and out and moved all over the sky… makes you wonder where the actual stars are? but what really urks me is whats going on up there? nothing good of course… but biggest mystery of all is how the nights sky can block out every “star” or ufo in the matter of minutes. TWICE my mother and me have seen the entire sky black out, after watching aliens. first the mother seemed to charge up big, then dims completely out. seconds later all the ‘stars’ infront of our eyes had vanished… no more moving constellation. no more anything in our sky? even the moon seems to dissapear? now we look behind and notice the remaining stars, in a matter of 30 seconds they all seemed to be gone. we could see the cloud lines still remaining in the sky… but im just nervous or whats to come.

    2012 is meant to scare the mass amounts of people into demanding for security from their government.

    no matter what the scare. natural disater. UFO crisis. WW3. a 1 world government is their plan.

    an event like 911 but 100x bigger could easily overthrow the American people into depending on their government to go to concentration camps.

    2013 martial law… i hope not. there is a law already in affect for 2013 martial law. check our the National Defense Authorization Act Of the Fiscal Year Of 2012.

    your government has the power to give you everything, they can easily strip it all away from you.

    Just remember. Strength of mind and hopefully you’ll be fine. 😉

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