UFO/ET Trends

This last year has seen some strange developments in the UFO/ET scene.

The abduction phenomena seems to have all but entirely died. I haven’t been able to find any reports after November of 2006, and they were very sparse after July of 2006. I am wondering is if they’ve truly stopped or if there has been a large effort to suppress their reporting, and if the death of Harvard professor John Mack wasn’t accidental but rather a part of that suppression effort.

UFO sightings seem to be up substantially, especially on the North American West Coast. The types of UFOs being sighted seem to be shifting from the classic saucer shaped UFOs to a combination of black triangle or “V” shaped craft and orbs or spherical craft such as what I recently photographed, and occasional weird light blob formations for lack of a better description such as those recently by Dawne Berry.

There have also been a number of governments worldwide that have released UFO information. The French government in particular setup a website (linked on the sidebar) that crashed shortly after it was turned up due to an unexpectedly heavy load.

In the US, our government still seems determined to convince us we’re not seeing what we’re seeing, it’s an optical illusion (that punches holes in clouds and fools seasoned pilots and airport tower supervisors) and a lot of what I consider disinformation (your mileage may vary), things like David Adair, claiming to have built a fusion rocket at age 13, and then examined a similar but more advanced alien version, or Bob Lazar claiming to have gained an understanding of how alien craft use element 115 for propulsion, but can’t explain any details in any rational sense. I don’t know if these people are just individual attention seekers or thrown in the mix to confuse.

I am mostly curious as to the significance of the apparent cessation of abductions and increase in sightings, what is up, what are these stealthy craft I and others have photographed? Something is changing but I don’t know what or why.

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  1. The abductions haven’t stopped, its just that the only serious researchers out there are either dying (Mack) or getting depressed about where the subject is heading (Jacobs, Hopkins and they are not too young either). Jabobs was on a 4 hours special on art bell last december. He stated, that had he known where he would have gotten himself into, he would never have begun it in the first place.

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