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zan said…

Well, I’m not too sure about abductions. I had experienced sleep paralysis twice before, the first time I thought a vampire by my door was about to attack me and the second time I thought there was a beautiful woman next to my bed with a .45 about to shoot me. Both instances were real enough that I thought they were real until I “woke up”. I can easily see someone dreaming about aliens.

Regardless this discovery of yours about the decline of abductions is very interesting. If abductions are real then who ever is doing the abductions are apparently satisfied with whatever they have obtained or achieved and therefore further abductions are no longer necessary. Or perhaps they were forced to stop abductions due to a power shift or the influence of another faction. Or maybe they have enough of whatever they want that they can move on to “phase II” whatever that may be.

My own experience didn’t involve abduction and was in a waking state, nor did it require hypnotic regression to remember. It was sufficient for me to know something hominid and intelligent gets here from somewhere remote using a technological method of transportation that in this case took the form of a saucer shaped craft, but the beings I encountered did not match the descriptions of the “grays” that seem always to be implicated in abductions.

There are instances of multiple witnesses witnessing someone being beamed up through a roof or walls, multiple family members being simultaneously abducted and each having a shared memory of the experience, and in some cases even more elaborate simultaneous abduction. I know two people who were abducted from their pick-up truck while driving around the east side of Lake Sammamish, one of them has subsequently died. I can tell you that these two folks, one of them was the most down to earth person you could want to know and neither prone to fantasy nor fables, and the other was quite severely traumatized by the event.

Then there are the implants. Here again there is a lot of noise in the data. There are many recovered “implants” that appear to be common objects embedded such as a small sliver of glass, or calcium deposits or some other substance that has a common earthly explanation. There have also been some strange devices with strange metallurgical properties recovered, some that acted strangely heating up ear lobes, moving under the skin, etc.

I believe there have been real abductions. I also believe there is real sleep paralysis and just people seeing and experiencing strange things in that state between being fully asleep and fully awake.

There are people, like the recently deceased John Mack, who have approached the subject very carefully and are credible. I also think there are quite a few flakes that have learned they can earn a living hypnotizing people and suggesting alien abductions. And there are of coarse a lot of tabloids that make money by just making things up. It makes separating the data from the noise difficult at best.

However, if the phenomena were purely psychological and there was no physical reality to it, then the dearth of abductions since last November would be even more surprising because one would have to ask what brought an end to these psychological phenomena?

As far as why they’ve stopped, in addition to the possibility that they’ve satisfied their need, and perhaps ready to move on to the next phase of their agenda, there is also the possibility that they’ve failed, that a third party has intervened, or that they’ve refined the process to the point where they are just no longer being reported.

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  1. Well my friend, if I had known that you knew abductees I would not have been so dismissive! Also you brought up implants – which I had completely forgotten about when I wrote my comment last night in my half awaken stupor. Not to mention the strange incision marks that have been observed.

    Now that I am fully awake and in an intelligent state of mind I have to say that I agree with you. While a large chunk of abductions can be explained by natural phenomenon (much like ufos themselves) a minority cannot be explained, the Allagash incident comes to mind.

    Have you blogged about the encounter you mentioned? I would really like to read it.

  2. Yours (Paul Schroeder) is an interesting take but I don’t know or understand the spiritual aspect of the abduction phenomena.

    If the grays are interested in souls, why would they have been interested in quite physical aspects of our being, DNA, while they were actively abducting?

    Perhaps they’ve been blocked or frustrated by a third party and this is an attempt to get us to dismiss this third party?

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