Abductions 2007

As near as I can tell, 2007 continues to be devoid of alien abductions, at least I haven’t been able to locate anything credible.

Googling (is googling a legitimate verb now) for alien abductions 2007, all I’m finding is articles about a new alien abduction lamp (which is pretty cool check the link), and articles asking, “Are Alien Abductions Real?”…

I’ve had an ET encounter but my encounter wasn’t an abduction, I wasn’t sucked out of my bed through the walls, I walked on board voluntarily; and what I saw there wasn’t grays and they didn’t seem to have the preoccupation with anal probes so often reported by people believing they’ve been abducted.

I am inclined to believe there is a reality to alien abductions. Serious investigators like professor John Mack seem to be predisposed to fatal accidents when they start to draw too much attention. There is a lot of commonality in what people report and so many people involved. If this were a psychological phenomena and not something real, the sudden cessation of abductions wouldn’t have occurred.

The cessation of abductions does concern me because there are a number of possibilities and they aren’t all positive. I’ve elaborated before on what I thought the grays agenda might be and it is just speculation so I might be totally wrong, but if I am not, then the cessation of abductions can have three possible explanations.

First, they might have failed in their project, given up, and gone home. That’s about the best we can hope for I think. Second, another group of aliens might be interfering on our behalf, then you have to wonder what that groups agenda might be? A third and frightening possibility is that they’ve perfected their hybrid race and now they’re in the process of taking over the planet; perhaps terraforming it, global warming, which actually would make sense if I am correct with respect to their agenda.

I think it’s in our best interest to find out. That was one of my motivations for starting this blog, also just to share my experience. I also had hoped to hear from others, and I have. But the blog by nature is not terribly interactive, so I created the UFO forum for that but participation has been low. So I take this opportunity again, please sign up and share your story with us.

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Abduction Story


Jill Hodges from AlienExistence.com related this story to me and give me permission to publish and because I feel that it’s important to share these stories so that we can find commonalities and learn more about this phenomena, I am going to relate it here.

Encounter Story (as told by Jill in South Wales UK)

I found what you had to say interesting. My younger brother was also abducted when he was six from our school yard (for the record I had an encounter not an abduction and it sounds true for her brother as well) … of course living in a small Welsh village the community was quick to respond and the police carried out a search. John was missing from around 10am until 3 in the afternoon and we thought we would never see him again. I have to say at this point my parents were besides themselves with worry … the whole village had met at 3 oclock on the village green to report back and suddenly from among the crowd of searchers here comes my brother John smiling as if he had just come back from Disney World … He was taken to a hospital and checked over and of course quizzed by the police, my parents, and the hospital staff. Now here’s the kicker … John was asked if he wanted something to eat .. He said no as he had been fed and was full. He was asked .. where have you been John? He said (pointing to teh sky) I been in a rocket up there. OMG well everyone was stunned as the story unfolded. And I must say his story never altered. The story went like this (and remember he was just six at the time):

John: I was in the play yard and this man called me and said, “John you want a ride in a space ship?”, He says he was taken up into the sky he could see where he lived down below. He was fed orange juice and jam (jam over here is like a fruit preserve). The way John described the dish the jam was in and the glass he drank from, was in his own words ( like our bathroom window) which was like a frosted glass. On being asked did they do anything to him he said no I was just there and I liked them they were nice to me.

Since his abduction (I don’t know why she refers to it as an abduction since he went voluntarily) John was left with a speech impediment but nothing else. The other strange thing about this was that up until he reached 16 he remembered every detail and did not falter with the story. Every detail was the same every time he told the story. Then one day I asked him about it, he would have been 16 then, he just looked at me blank and asked me if I’d been drinking???!!! He denied ever telling such a story and also said that he didn’t believe in such things. Hmmm Every one in our village knew about this and he will not forget it…. but it’s odd how suddenly his memories had been wiped clean of this event. Strange or what?


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International Center for Abduction Research

I’ve added a link to the sidebar for the International Center for Abduction Research because it’s relevant to the whole UFO / ET question.

A quote from the site,

“Abduction researchers are mainly amateurs doing their best to get to the truth knowing that objective reality may elude them.”

Reading through his site, I am not personally comfortable with the criteria he uses for deciding what is real data and what is fabrication but my own experiences prejudice me in that regard.

His view of the UFO phenomena is that there are that grays exist in two forms, short and tall, are servants of a group referred to as reptilians, and that any human looking aliens are hybrids. A lot of his information comes from hypnotically regressed subjects.

My own experience was with neither grays, reptilians, nor human looking aliens, but rather with a species that was somewhat different from all of the above, short in stature, but beige rather than gray skin, over-sized but eyes resembling humans in terms of having a pupil and iris, rather than a multi-lens bug design.

My own experience was recollected without the aid of hypnosis. My preference is for similarly recalled experiences, witnessed or experienced by multiple individuals even better.

Hypnosis has far too much potential for leading the witness and instilling false memories. Further, because the grays are so much in popular culture these days, distinguishing between a real event and something a subject encountered through the media presents challenges.

I also do not believe all “human looking” aliens are hybrids. I do believe there is a reality to the Billy Meier encounters, at least early on. Too many people have decided it had money potential and the later information that came out is less credible.

So suffice it to say I’m not in agreement with a lot of David M. Jacob’s conjectures, but he admits that he understands that it may not be possible to come to a complete understanding of objective reality, so at least we’re on the same page in that regard.

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