International Center for Abduction Research

I’ve added a link to the sidebar for the International Center for Abduction Research because it’s relevant to the whole UFO / ET question.

A quote from the site,

“Abduction researchers are mainly amateurs doing their best to get to the truth knowing that objective reality may elude them.”

Reading through his site, I am not personally comfortable with the criteria he uses for deciding what is real data and what is fabrication but my own experiences prejudice me in that regard.

His view of the UFO phenomena is that there are that grays exist in two forms, short and tall, are servants of a group referred to as reptilians, and that any human looking aliens are hybrids. A lot of his information comes from hypnotically regressed subjects.

My own experience was with neither grays, reptilians, nor human looking aliens, but rather with a species that was somewhat different from all of the above, short in stature, but beige rather than gray skin, over-sized but eyes resembling humans in terms of having a pupil and iris, rather than a multi-lens bug design.

My own experience was recollected without the aid of hypnosis. My preference is for similarly recalled experiences, witnessed or experienced by multiple individuals even better.

Hypnosis has far too much potential for leading the witness and instilling false memories. Further, because the grays are so much in popular culture these days, distinguishing between a real event and something a subject encountered through the media presents challenges.

I also do not believe all “human looking” aliens are hybrids. I do believe there is a reality to the Billy Meier encounters, at least early on. Too many people have decided it had money potential and the later information that came out is less credible.

So suffice it to say I’m not in agreement with a lot of David M. Jacob’s conjectures, but he admits that he understands that it may not be possible to come to a complete understanding of objective reality, so at least we’re on the same page in that regard.

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  1. The piece on jacobs website is just a summary. What you describe is fairly common in most accounts in his work.
    “Greys” is just a term, they vary in color and height. But there do seems to be two distinct groups. The really small ones have the black wrap around almond eyes. Many abductees feel these are drones, cybernetic robots, or a worker class. They don’t seem to have much of a mind of your own.

    The taller greys, overseers or true aliens as some say, seem to look a lot like your own describtion. Large head, but not as much out of proportion. Big eyes, but not completely black and don’t wrap around as much.

    Also don’t your reservations concerning hypnosis are a bit unfounded. I have had some training and Jacobs is quite an expert hypnotist. Read up on his protocols and mechanisms for double checking. Installing a false memory is also not as easy as it sounds. Hypnosis is just a heightened state of concentration, not an unconscious trance.

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