A recent comment on the photograph I recently posted suggested perhaps that it was necessary to explain what I mean when I use the term “UFO”, UFO is unidentified flying object. Unidentified is the operative word here. I don’t know what it is, but I have a reasonable idea of what it is not or else I wouldn’t have found it interesting enough to post here.

A UFO might be an alien space ship, that’s probably what most people think it is. It might be a piece of space junk re-entering, an unfamiliar aircraft, a meteor, any number of things.

In the most recent image and other images I have posted, there are enough pixels to determine the general shape of the object and in all cases so far the reflective characteristics. I have enough experience with this camera to know that if I photograph an airplane, and it’s focused, that I will be able to make out structures such as wings and a fuselage down to one or two pixels.

Only when I can’t find a reasonable explanation, a helicopter, conventional aircraft, bird, balloon, blimp, etc, if I can’t identify it and there is enough visual information to know it’s something out of the ordinary, then I consider it worth posting.

I do so in the hopes that additional information that might be provided by others might result in identification of the object in question. I also do so with the knowledge that extraterrestrials have come here in the past and so that possibility does exist. But just calling an object a UFO does not imply extraterrestrial craft automatically.

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UFO Photos

Given that I’ve now photographed UFOs four times in the past year, I am convinced there are a lot more of these in the skies than people know.

However, due to the low visual contrast and speed of these, and it would seem radar stealthiness as well, they generally go unnoticed.

I suspect my accidental photograph of one last August simply made me aware of their existence and how to photograph them probably accounts for the subsequent success at photographing them.

I’ve shared that on my ET forum in the ET Photograph topic. Take a look at the post, “How to photograph UFOs“.

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UFO Over Puget Sound July 16th 2007

I was just thinking earlier today about posting that it had been a while since I last photographed a UFO after getting pictures of “orb” like UFO’s three times in a year. I thought perhaps the activity, whatever was going on, had subsided.

I was going through pictures I took at Alki Beach on July 16th, 2007, and in one that I took, just after sunset, I got a teardrop shaped UFO, not an orb shaped one like all the others, this one is different.

This is a the small section of the image that contained the UFO cut out so that you can see it at the full native resolution.

Teardrop shaped UFO photographed over Puget Sound from Alki Beach just after sunset on July 16, 2007.

Here is the image that it was present in, it’s in the top left about 15% down and in from the left. Click on the image for a higher resolution (but not the full resolution because it would be too large for most browsers and the gallery isn’t configured to accept it. I do however have the original resolution image should someone be interested in it for publication).

After sunset on July 16th 2007 western horizon from Alki Beach. UFO in upper left section of this photograph.

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Lieutenant Walter Haut

Last night on Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell broke the news about a death bed affidavit written by Lieutenant Walter Haut with instructions that it was not to be opened until after his death.

Lieutenant Haut was the information officer at the Roswell air force base in 1947 and in his affidavit, he stated that there had been not one but two UFO crashes, that alien humanoid bodies were recovered, and affirmed some other details of the Roswell crash rumors.

Art Bell had a guest on who talked about this. I’m sorry but I didn’t catch his name, tuned into the program mid-way through, but this person seemed to be a very knowledgeable, nonsensationalistic, and dedicated researcher who had a air force background himself and knew many of the people involved.

Anyone could have come up with a fake affidavit, but what really made this show stand out is that when they started taking calls from the audience, numerous people called who knew this person from when they were in the service, or they were children of people who knew him and had been involved in the crash recovery, and all of these calls, the stories were absolutely consistent.

Of coarse, because of my own encounter, I have no doubt that extraterrestrials visit our planet, however, I have been skeptical of the Roswell cover-up primarily on the grounds that I am hard pressed to believe the military could achieve the competency necessary to pull it off. But when you have multiple people call out of the blue telling of their involvement or that of their parents, and their stories all mesh, that’s hard to deny.