UFO Photos

Given that I’ve now photographed UFOs four times in the past year, I am convinced there are a lot more of these in the skies than people know.

However, due to the low visual contrast and speed of these, and it would seem radar stealthiness as well, they generally go unnoticed.

I suspect my accidental photograph of one last August simply made me aware of their existence and how to photograph them probably accounts for the subsequent success at photographing them.

I’ve shared that on my ET forum in the ET Photograph topic. Take a look at the post, “How to photograph UFOs“.

2 thoughts on “UFO Photos

  1. I am assuming you are referring to the most recent photograph.

    I can tell it’s not a conventional plane because it doesn’t have wings or a tale. I’ve had enough experience with this camera at the limits of resolution to know that you can see these features down to one or two pixels wide.

    I can’t know that it’s not an unconventional plane, such as the “Aurora”. I don’t know that it’s not space junk or some other mundane explanation.

    That’s kind of the point of a UFO, it’s unidentified.

    I can be reasonably sure it’s not a conventional plane, helicopter, bird, balloon, blimp, dirt on the lens, or insect.

    That still doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a conventional explanation. But it does make it less likely after you eliminate all the common things it could be.

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