White Orb in Louisville, KY August 28th, 2007

Cindy from Portland found another Orb on youtube, this time over Louisville, KY, filmed on August 28th, 2007.

One thought on “White Orb in Louisville, KY August 28th, 2007

  1. I saw a similiar orb over hillview ky. I initially thought it was a star. It was much brighter and moving. I stopped my car and stuck my head out the window to verify I actually saw it.

    I chased it from the intersection I was sitting at towards my neighborhood.

    I pulled up in my driveway and ran in to get my wife. When we came outside it was standing perfectly still.

    I live directly under a commercial/transport flight path and next to a private airport.

    2 miles from the private airport and 20 or so from Louisville international airport.

    I’ve seen many airplanes and helicopters and in many conditions. This was completely different.

    While I watched it I could see the FAA mandated strobes of two commercial planes. Both at a much higher altitude than the object.

    It stayed still for about 10 minutes and then it slowly moved to the right. Extremely slow. Almost undetectable. It moved behind a streetlight and I walked 200 yards to get an angle without the streetlight obstructing my view.

    I was unable to find it in the sky at this point.

    It was extremely bright and looked like a star but much larger, much brighter and moving.

    It was about 10:00pm on wednesday Febuary 4th 2009.

    I am 100% serious.

    email: dichromaticb3c@hotmail.com

    I would gladly discuss the event or even file a traditional report if anyone could contact me with the appropriate information.

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