UFO Orbs and Chemtrails – Strange Skies

I stumbled across a website, Strange Skies, with some interesting photos, yet another case of these orbs being photographed although the focus of this site is chemtrails. I’m not really sure where I stand on the whole chemtrails thing; just about every photograph I’ve seen look like the same contrails I’ve been seeing for the last 40 years.

But the orbs, that’s something I’ve now photographed on three separate occasions as well as having been in contact with several other people. They are photographed by people all over the world and even show up in Google satellite imagery.

This Strange Skies site draws connections between these orbs and chemtrails, but other than the fact that they both occupy the sky I’m not personally convinced that any direct connection exists. I don’t know enough about the orbs to know a connection doesn’t exist; I just don’t find the evidence on this site convincing.

A connection may exist between UFO abductions and these orbs. The abductions essentially stopped at the same time the orbs became common place. Perhaps these orbs are interfering with the entities responsible for the abductions, or perhaps they are the next phase in some agenda. Whatever they are, they’re wide spread and became noticeable just as the abduction phenomena came to a grinding halt.

At any rate; here are a few of the orb photos from the Strange Skies:

Silver Ufo Orb

Silver UFO Orbs

These are remarkably similar to objects that I have photographed in the skies just north of Seattle, Washington.

Silver UFO Orb

Silver UFO Orb

Silver UFO Orb

These also are remarkably similarly to photographs taken by people I’ve corresponded with in Surrey, BC, Canada, and Portland, Oregon. The first of these I photographed in Summer of 2006, which coincidentally is the last date I can find of any credible UFO abduction report.

If you have any information of these orbs, including video and photographs, I would like to hear from you.