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I stumbled across a website, Strange Skies, with some interesting photos, yet another case of these orbs being photographed although the focus of this site is chemtrails. I’m not really sure where I stand on the whole chemtrails thing; just about every photograph I’ve seen look like the same contrails I’ve been seeing for the last 40 years.

But the orbs, that’s something I’ve now photographed on three separate occasions as well as having been in contact with several other people. They are photographed by people all over the world and even show up in Google satellite imagery.

This Strange Skies site draws connections between these orbs and chemtrails, but other than the fact that they both occupy the sky I’m not personally convinced that any direct connection exists. I don’t know enough about the orbs to know a connection doesn’t exist; I just don’t find the evidence on this site convincing.

A connection may exist between UFO abductions and these orbs. The abductions essentially stopped at the same time the orbs became common place. Perhaps these orbs are interfering with the entities responsible for the abductions, or perhaps they are the next phase in some agenda. Whatever they are, they’re wide spread and became noticeable just as the abduction phenomena came to a grinding halt.

At any rate; here are a few of the orb photos from the Strange Skies:

Silver Ufo Orb

Silver UFO Orbs

These are remarkably similar to objects that I have photographed in the skies just north of Seattle, Washington.

Silver UFO Orb

Silver UFO Orb

Silver UFO Orb

These also are remarkably similarly to photographs taken by people I’ve corresponded with in Surrey, BC, Canada, and Portland, Oregon. The first of these I photographed in Summer of 2006, which coincidentally is the last date I can find of any credible UFO abduction report.

If you have any information of these orbs, including video and photographs, I would like to hear from you.

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  1. hi my name is robert ive been looking at your pics . i think we share the same thing . i have pics with these silver orbs in them . at first i thought it was dust or something in my lens but i cleaned the lens then took some more pics and what do you know i found some more i also have some pics with those cloud xs in them .i live in a small town called upstate ny called malone . i really would like to know what these are .

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for writing. Would like to see pictures if you have them.

    I have received reports of these spheres from all over. Definitely not dust on lens. Not mylar balloons either.

    These have some interesting properties. They have an inherent fuzziness to them. Occasionally you can get these in a photograph with someone else distant in the same frame, and the something else will be in focus and these won’t even though they are both very far away.

    They have a long hover time and the ability to station keep; that is to remain in one location, in spite of winds, a balloon would move.

    They give off heat. One person who photographs these regularly in Surrey BC has a infrared sensitive camera and at night these are very bright in the infrared.

    They have also viewed these through a telescope and confirm that same inherent fuzziness.

    It seems that UFO abductions stopped at the same time these began appearing frequently. The last credible UFO abduction report I can find is in the summer of 2006, the first of these I photographed in August of 2006. They were seen earlier than that by other people but they were rare, now they have become very common.

    Good to have another data point from Malone, NY. These seem to be concentrated in populated areas as well. Although arguably if they were randomly distributed they’d be seen more over populated areas, those that are found in Google Earth are also concentrated over population centers.

  3. This is my first comment ever on-line about what I saw years ago. In answer to your orb question and being a recent occurnace I’ll give my account. Back in the late 1970’s I was about 13 years old. Parents next door at a party, home with brother and sister. I noticed a bright white/silver sphere up in the sky. It was obviously large and flying in a strange manor, able to change directions on a dime. I had enough time to get binoculars and take my time looking at it. With an excellent up close view the surface was smooth and glowed white like the moon. It WAS NOT a balloon or gas ball. I saw it up close!!! It was a large craft that could stand still or change directions. After a while it flew off. Later that night I saw it out the front window and went outside to look. My neighbor across the street was looking at it and we were in amazement. It then flew off at an icredible speed. I wish so badly I had the modern technology of video and digital cameras that lay around my house. I would have had unbelievable images! The next day I called the local airport and they had no explaination. It’s made a lifelong believer ever since and I’ve been now looking in the skies for the last 30 years to see it again.

    Cincinnati, Ohio (now and back then)

  4. The first I saw these was August of 2006, and when I initially searched the web for similar I didn’t find anything much earlier.

    But overtime I’ve gotten enough reports that it’s become clear they’ve been here much longer but it seems not in the numbers they are now.

    The abductions seemed to have stopped about the same time they were here in numbers.

    I am of the impression that something big is about to happen on this planet; I hope it’s something positive.

  5. I have two very clear pics of silverish spheres on consecutive frames from fixed camera position
    showing their non human speed tech.
    I see these things all the time! the scary thing
    is what they are attatched to. These orbs are flashing
    into our dimension… We can only see things up to a certain speed. I need to talk to somebody about this
    who is on the same page.

  6. For anyone who has’nt done research on these (orbs,ufo,etc…)topics.There are certain things to pay attention to: 1)most people who have taken pictures of these ufos were suprised that they were there coinsidering they were just taking these photos at random things.People dont even realize it until the film is developed.These things could very well be all over the place and we dont see them(by eye) gotta go ill write later.

    .These things could very well be all over the place up there

  7. Hi, I was wondering if you could pass on my email address to the guy from Surrey, as I would like to find out more about his research. my name is William and my email is williamisaac@live.com. you don’t have to post this comment, you can just scrap it after you write this down. thank you very much for your time.


  8. Hi there, I have some unusual theories about orbs. I think they are the same object that is in the ark of the covenant.I feel that When Moses freed the slaves and fled Egypt, that he had taken something with him that caused the pharos to chase them. I believe that this object (tetragrammaton) was the last one remaining in the Grand pyramid. I feel the all the pyramids throughout the world were built by the Nephilim and was used as space elevators and powered by these orbs. I think that orbs are objects of emence energy, that can be control remotely from the far reaches of space and or demensions. I think that orbs can be controlled by those with the knowledge of their structural makeup and ability. I know my theory is way out there,but after researching ancient civalizations and the arc of the covenant I’ve concluded the connection between the two.

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