Alien Memories and Dreams

I found this short article by Brad Steiger entitled, “Alien Memories and Dreams”, very interesting in that the interviews with people seem to point to experiences in 1969, which is the same time frame that I had my encounter.

I do feel a bit left out though in that unlike many of the respondents, I have no memory of every being a UFO crew member, having lived on another planet in this life or a past life, of having seen crystal cities, etc.

However, I have had the feeling most of my life that I don’t belong on this planet. People on this planet deny their nature rather than acknowledge it but try to adapt to the modern day environment. People on this planet are obsessed with money, power, and don’t seem to care about the long term consequences. I feel totally out of sync with this planet, I don’t feel that I belong here.

When I was in high school and in my early twenties, I knew someone who was a war correspondent in world world II. He was a very interesting individual; he made the claim everyone already knew everything on a subconscious level; and he offered pretty strong evidence by tossing questions at one of my less studious friends with no warning which he would at least start to answer correctly before correcting himself and saying, “I don’t know that!”, but he did know that, somehow.

This person had seen many human tragedies, he’s seen what people do to each other in war, and although he himself was extremely talented at writing, and I think could have made a difference that way, he chose not to saying that, “Mankind wasn’t worth saving.”, though I think in his own way he was trying to save mankind by motivating youth to do so.

One of the things he mentioned was that crystals would become tremendously important in the future; he did not specify what type of crystal however. Now this article mentions that many of the people interviewed saw crystal cities.

I get the sense that something big is coming but I don’t know exactly what. May ET will come take me to another planet. I feel like I’m just bashing my head against the wall on this one.

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  1. Most UFO believers don’t realize the nearest star to our solar system is 4.2 light years away. For a spacecraft capable of traveling such a distance requires a lot of fuel and a lot of food. It would take hundreds of years, if not thousands, to travel from the nearest star to our solar system to the earth. During the trip there will be no light. Everything around you is dark. Our sun is only 8 minutes away, when you move it to 4.2 years away, it’s like a pin hole. So, you being the brilliant alien capable of traveling such a distance, you said to your wife “honey, pack enough food for 300 years, because we are going on a journey to where we don’t have any idea” and you embark on a dark journey that you had nothing to do but sleeping. After 300 years, assuming you could live that long, you reached earth, and you don’t even want the earthlings to see you, so you turn around and go home. How stupid do you think that sound? Even Columbus didn’t turn around and leave America hundreds of years ago. Instead, they took America from Indians. And you think the aliens would leave us alone? Not very likely. If we were any indication of intelligent life, and if aliens could ever reach earth, we wouldn’t have a chance keeping the earth to ourselves, or even to share it. Most likely, we would be like ants, free to kill as far as aliens are concerned.

  2. You make many incorrect assumptions.

    You assume that light is the absolute speed limit, it is not.

    You make the assumption that Newtonian physics is all there is; the universe is more complex than that. You need to start looking into things like subquantum physics or even doing a bit of spiritual exploration.

    To the degree Americas were taken by Europeans, it was for resources.

    But in space, resources abound, there is estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000 minor planets in the Ortt cloud, and almost every star appears to have a similar cloud of debris.

    If Columbus could have taken materials from many more much closer and uninhabited land masses, then he wouldn’t have bothered the Indians.

    Intelligent entities from other star systems do come here. Those that I encountered seemed interested in helping us through a future calamity.

    Others seem to have encounters with beings interested in creating a hybrid race; the so called “grays”. Not what I encountered, but I do believe there is a reality to them however, I believe they are time travelers. I’ve elaborated on this elsewhere on this blog.

  3. Hel’lo!

    Did you read that article already:

    Really worth the reading..
    I like especially that excerpt:
    “[..]Organisms on Earth, including humans, have evolved during quiet times — between the lethal blasts from our own Milky Way center. This means that we are indeed quite unique (and lucky). But it also means that our ultimate demise is part of the natural order. This universe is larger than ourselves and our lives. We are just transient phenomena, seemingly running counter to the laws of entropy, yet a part of the cosmic reality. This is neither good or bad. It simply is.[..]”

    Something bad will happen one day, that’s for sure..just try to be a little bit more ready in the the case 😉

    Best greetings and thanks for your articles..even if i’m a little bit sceptical about the fact that UFO’s and aliens would come from outer space..but anyway, i want them to know they are welcome home to share tea at any time..and more if affinities, why not share genes 😉 Charly

  4. fact, i think that crystal cities will be important in the future cos it will be the most comfortable way for the human beings to protect themselves from radiations and enjoy light (crops, mood) at the same time..a better alternative than living underground (what we will be forced to do for the first years after such a bad event like a big solar flare..)

  5. There are some significant scientific errors in that article.

    1)The heliopause isn’t just beyond Neptunes orbit (30AU), but nearly 4x the distance (90-120AU, varies with solar cycle).

    2) We are presently about 20 parsecs above the galactic plane, the Sun will not travel 20 parsecs and pass through the galactic plane in 4 years.

    3) There is no reason to invoke an elaborate 100 times sun luminosity nor captured galactic radiation theory to explain glass on the lunar surface, meteor impacts do so and just fine.

    4) The Earth’s magnetosphere does not, except for the trailing end, extend to the distance of the moon.

    2012 may indeed be an extraordinary year in terms of solar activity, however, I don’t think that activity is a threat to us. Our magnetosphere and atmosphere largely protect us. To the extent which a CME actually impacts the Earth’s atmosphere, the material is extremely tenuous at that point.

    It’s interesting to note that the article suggests that Z-pinch favors 56 filaments, that ancient hieroglyphs have that number, but then proceeds to show half a dozen images NONE of which have 56 filaments, all of which have an average count of about half that.

    Such an effect, were it to occur, would confine the radiation to those filaments which means it wouldn’t be zapping us.

    I do believe that there was some dramatic event that occurred around 14,000 years ago, but I believe most likely it was an ocean impact event involving a large object at a grazing angle.

  6. It’s interesting but since I don’t speak Russian I can’t make sense of the main body or most of the links.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our technology weren’t alien derived; certainly when we’ve interacted with more primitive people we’ve shared some small part of our technology.

  7. Pause to think for a moment, if you will, that all of our past and all of our future, has already occurred. Now, Where does that put us in the stream of things? That makes everything we do simply a memory.

    Think, Live, Do,

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