UFO Over Elliott Bay (Seattle)

The UFO appears about three quarters of the way through this video. It’s very brief but you can even see the light reflect off the water somewhat. More information is present on the Wicked Aliens website.

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ET / UFO Recovery / Disposal Document

I accidentally came across this document regarding recovery and disposal of ET/UFO crash site related materials.

On the one hand, I’m hard pressed to believe it’s genuine because I don’t believe such a classified document would remain on the Internet long enough for me to stumble across it.

On the other hand, someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble to create it if it’s fictional. But then again, there is a lot of very convincing fiction out there.

You take a look and decide. I’d be curious to hear other peoples’ comments, especially if you happen to know the true origin.

What Happened To The Aliens

A couple of years ago the skies seemed full of alien ships, sightings were common, and that year, summer of 2006 seemed to be the last time any credible reports of alien abductions.

A recent Google search has revealed a lack of much in the way of sightings, let alone abductions. A search on the keywords “alien” or “UFO” seems to only bring up Hollywood and old references.

I would be inclined to think there were some sort of insidious censorship project going on if it were not for the fact that my own experience contradicts that.

For example, in a years time I photographed ‘orbs’ on three different occasions and a wedge shaped craft. Now, another year has passed and nothing, and it’s not because I’m not out there looking. I keep my camera with me at all times and I’m always looking up, but I’ve seen nothing of interest lately.

For a while I was constantly getting reports of sightings from credible individuals, lately that has dwindled, and the few that I do receive have been mostly anonymous cranks.

And nobody has come to me and attempted to censor this blog. Post disinformation or just distractive idiocy to the comments section, yes, that happens all the time, but lately that’s been about it.

If anyone can point me to anything current and reasonably credible I’m interested. I don’t know what is happening but some major shift feels like it’s underway.