What Happened To The Aliens

A couple of years ago the skies seemed full of alien ships, sightings were common, and that year, summer of 2006 seemed to be the last time any credible reports of alien abductions.

A recent Google search has revealed a lack of much in the way of sightings, let alone abductions. A search on the keywords “alien” or “UFO” seems to only bring up Hollywood and old references.

I would be inclined to think there were some sort of insidious censorship project going on if it were not for the fact that my own experience contradicts that.

For example, in a years time I photographed ‘orbs’ on three different occasions and a wedge shaped craft. Now, another year has passed and nothing, and it’s not because I’m not out there looking. I keep my camera with me at all times and I’m always looking up, but I’ve seen nothing of interest lately.

For a while I was constantly getting reports of sightings from credible individuals, lately that has dwindled, and the few that I do receive have been mostly anonymous cranks.

And nobody has come to me and attempted to censor this blog. Post disinformation or just distractive idiocy to the comments section, yes, that happens all the time, but lately that’s been about it.

If anyone can point me to anything current and reasonably credible I’m interested. I don’t know what is happening but some major shift feels like it’s underway.

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  1. I thought your site was interesting enough that I added it to the links. It is well done and while there is some non-serious content there is also enough interesting real material to make a visit worthwhile.

  2. There are no “space aliens”! There ARE UFO’s, though. They are time travelers right here on earth. Time travel is being studied now and it has been for a long time. They are just becoming successful at it now. Could “bigfoot” be a person from thousands of years ago who was accidentally dropped off in the wrong time zone after he was abducted? Poor guy! Think about it! It may sound crazy, but think of it this way: If you were to tell someone in 1552 that in the future, we were going to have pictures of REAL people on the wall talking and moving, they would have thought you were nuts! Look, space travelers come in all sorts because they are from all sorts of times. Some of them are half human/half computer (not invented yet, but being studied right now). Others are just simply humans who have evolved! There are NO SPACE ALIENS!

  3. There are space aliens in the sense of beings from outside of Earth existing and some of them visit Earth.

    This is not mutually exclusive with time travelers which is what I believe the “grays” are. They are our ancient descendants from the future coming back from a time when the sun has aged to the point where the Earth is becoming uninhabitable.

    The present day conditions being vastly different from those to which they have evolved, this is why the hybridization program is necessary to them, and also why it is possible, for if we were completely unrelated, a hybrid being would be impossible.

    But the grays weren’t what I encountered, and what I encountered was from another star system.

    The physical difficulties associated with interstellar travel and time travel overlap to a great degree anyway.

  4. I produce video about curious events… A couple years back, one of my first digital stories, was about the Moorpark Lights. As it goes, testimony from the participants can always be looked at as a fictional account for attention or some other misguided purpose. But, I believe the events described in the video as real. And I believe the Mendoza’a account of strange lights in the sky over Moorpark CA. I think a fragmented version of my piece is being used on the internet due to my somewhat limited association with an internet radio show. But I just saw this testimony http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2227981574296795097
    Which the subject relates an experience in Moorpark. Again, it is difficult to know if what he says is truthful. I have had my own experiences with UFOs and other beings, but, I have always felt it is a difficult subject for anyone to believe what another person states when it comes to UFOs, but I would point out that Nanook’s point of view seems vary articulate on the subject. I also liked the Anonymous post about Bigfoot, he/she has set forth a very entertaining thought about time travel.

  5. Sorry not game to indicate where I am.

    “What happened to the Aliens”

    Nothing your Aliens are here enmass.

    Your UFOs are here as well only using a stealth condition. Well would not you is some idiot was firing Lasers at you.

    It is interesting when you try to alert recognised people in the UFO industry that they do not respond.

    One wonders why and it clicks, to much money involved. Sad really when opportunity arises.

    The Alien species goes way beyond the “greys” that all grasp onto.

    You can forget the “Roswell” type as well. He’s small change in the Alien world.

    Let me tell you about the “GREYS” .
    They vary in size, have no arms or legs have two eyes no nose and somewhat of a mouth.

    Extremely inquisitive. The largest moves flat across the ground and rises head first where it wants to be. Others use a UFO to travel to a point then expand out to form.

    The “GREYS” will come to you if they seem fit otherwise will watch.

    Ufos are that varied and in size it is beyond belief at times.

    You can see them coming out in digital photographs these days.

    Other things are also appearing in peoples photos, such as “what is this, nothing was there when I took the photo”

    Yes I do not know how long Governments can keep this all secreted away but when these Guys decide to present themselves all hell will break loose.

  6. re last comment from anonymous,what utter rubbish honestly where do you get your information from-you must sleep in bed all day just to have experiances,well let me tell you lad I have had experiances most of which I cant remember maybe you have watched the fog too many times.
    I like the previous entertaining posts about time travel,but frigging heck what next,vampires,werewolves,webmaster you should be ashamed for letting rubbish like this get posted!!!.

  7. Why? I think the open discussion of ideas and experiences is a good thing.

    I’ve had an encounter myself, and what I encountered was different than the “grays” so commonly discussed.

    If you believe you already know everything, you close your mind to the possibility of learning anything new.

    Our universe is vast, just what see if it contains around a trillion galaxies, with on average around a trillion stars each.

    Half of all the nearby stars we’ve looked at have planetary systems, and presently our technologies only permit us to see large closely orbiting planets via the wobble their gravity induces in their parent stars, the planets around our own sun, would not be detectable using our technology because the large ones are too far from our sun to induce noticeable wobble.

    Given the HUGE number of stars, and the high likelihood that nearly all of them have planetary systems, it seems extraordinarily unlikely to me that we’re the only intelligent civilization in the universe or the most advanced.

    It also seems quite possible, knowing what I do know of physics, that a sufficiently advanced civilization will eventually attain interstellar travel capability.

    I fail to see any valid basis for declaring the comments of the previous commenter to be rubbish. You are merely expressing your own closed mind bias.

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