I added a small resources section in the right column. I’ll expand on this in the future.  It was my intent not only to include things directly related to UFO/ET’s, but also the physics that make it possible, and issues relating to society and psychology.  Not everything posted about ET’s and UFO’s, not even the majority of it, can be true because so much is mutually exclusive.  But I will add anything that I feel is of value for your consideration.

Of all the sites there presently, StarDrive is one I feel is most worth exploring.  Jack Sarfatti is a theoretical physicist that I think has gone farther than just about anyone in integrating quantum and sub-quantum phenomena with relativity and consciousness.  And that’s not to say I agree with everything he has to say, only that it’s fascinating and worth exploring.  In addition, he does a very good job of explaining physics to the average person and I think that is of value because it opens minds to possibilities.

His view of time is most interesting, that is that the future creates itself by sending information back into the past.  I’ve experienced this in my own life and so I absolutely agree with his view on the subject of time.

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