Cube UFO

     There are no photos of the cube UFO that allegedly appeared over El Paso Texas here.  The reason?  Not a one of them is not copyrighted.  That’s my first clue that this is bogus.  I’m wondering what they’re promoting.  Seems no coincidence the resemblance to the Borg.

     Another clue, despite supposedly being witnessed by a number of people, seems only still images exist.  Odd that everyone and their brothers carry cell phones capable of video these days.  I guess it’s hard to do video in Photoshop, although there are tools for that, obviously the creator of this didn’t possess them.

     This is actually the downside of modern computer and software capabilities.  It’s possible to fake almost anything.  That said, I’m wondering what the purpose of this is, if it’s anything more than to get SecureTeam a lot of hits to their youtube videos.  They seem to be the new 3rd Phase of the Moon except 3rd phase is more focused on video.

      So I’m curious if this is part of a viral marketing thing for a new movie coming up, but if it were they’d have high quality video not amateurish fake photos.


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