KNND 107.7 The End Alki Beach House

The End 107.7 KNND Beach House

KNND 107.7 The End is broadcasting from an Alki Beach house through September 22, 2007. It’s got a big deck where you can hang out and watch the show get done live as well as enjoy free drinks. They’re also giving away free CD’s and promotional material.

The End 107.1 Broadcast Table

They don’t have an enclosed studio at the beach house, just an open broadcast table. They use an ISDN line to get the program material from this remote studio to their main studio and actually broadcast the music portion of the program from the main studio doing only the announcing from this studio.

End Sessions Volume 4 Front

They are giving away free CD’s and other promotional materials. The CD shown above, End Sessions Volume 4, is one worth having. These are recordings they’ve made in their own studios and the engineering is nothing short of excellent. Kick drums sound like kick drums not the mushed wumps, the cymbals sound like cymbals, the guitar is crystal clear with all the overtones present, in short music sounds like music. There are few recordings I can’t find fault with but these are really good. If you can’t make it down to the Beach house to pick up a copy, you can buy it online.

I want to stress that I have absolutely no affiliation with The End 107.7 or their parent company. I simply happen to like the station, most of the music they play, and have a past that involves the radio industry, engineering, and also doing sound reinforcement. I love good music, I know what it sounds like live, and when someone actually does a decent job of recording good music I want people to know it.

They have a version of Jet’s “Are Ya Gonna Be My Girl” with an acoustic lead. It actually works rather well, and the overall recording is excellent. The performance is also very energized but then that’s Jet.

Tegan and Sara do an exceptional performance of Walking With A Ghost, again the recording is excellent. I wish the record companies would take a hint and start kicking out recordings like these.

They are located right next to slices pizza, about a block south from the Pepperdock.

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