Art Bell Gone – Alternate Venue?

Experimental data that merely confirms theories are less than exciting. Completely random pseudoscience that has not even a shred of evidence is also useless. What is interesting is that which is right on the fringe. Data from well thought out and executed experiments that contradicts conventional scientific theories is where real advances in science come from.

The Art Bell show allowed everything from credentialed scientists to certifiable loonies on the air. By providing a relatively unfiltered medium, from time to time we did get to see truly interesting cutting edge stuff.

There are flaws not only with the execution of the scientific method but even with the method itself. Science wants phenomena to be reproducible on demand. Natural phenomena don’t always lend themselves to this. Pretty much anything that doesn’t is dismissed as pseudoscience.

Phenomena such as ball lightning, extraterrestrial visitations, psychic phenomena, all of these things are just dismissed out of hand by mainstream science. And that leaves many phenomena unexplained.

Art Bell provided a venue where these phenomena could be explored, I don’t see anyone standing inline to take his place. The other hosts do not have enough of a grip on known science to try to extend that into the presently unknown.

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