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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XII, July 2005

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Hillside Wrestling Weekend XII was held July 20-24, 2005. It was the twelfth annual wrestling weekend and my tenth; it was cool looking back at ten years of wrestling at Hillside. The weather was perfect for night and day matches. Turnout was a bit lower than last year but was still conducive to plenty of mat time. There were a lot of new guys for whom this was their first time experiencing Hillside, as well as veterans of the 1994 and later wrestling weekends.

Many pictures have been resized for quick loading; e-mail me if you want to see particular originals. If all the thumbnails don't load, just hit the Refresh button or click the blue rectangle to see the full-size picture.

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The Ride (LI, NJ, upstate NY & PA)     |     At Hillside: Wrestling and other photos from Hillside Campground

Riding to Hillside 2005

Last year, I detoured on the way to Hillside to get in some higher mountains. This time, I took the usual direct route except for a small detour in Pennsylvania that was at a higher altitude according to the map, but when actually riding it, it did not seem that high, and though scenic, elicited a "that's all?" reaction. So on the way back I detoured into central NY and then over some 3000+ foot peaks in the Catskills (vs. the 2000+ foot peaks around Hillside). Went further north than last year. The gradients were usually not as steep, leading to long ascents and descents through forested valleys, en route to and from the mountain passes. Total mileage 489.0 (786.9 km).

Used the same Olympus C-750UZ camera as last year; the infrared pictures were taken with a Hoya R72 filter (filters 100% <700nm, 50% at 720nm, transparent above about 750 nm).

P7195102.JPG Thunderstorm on Rte. 15 in New Jersey (~ mile 85) P7195103.JPG (raw infrared image) P7195103BRG.JPG (colormapped to simulate EIR film + blue:
P7205107BRG.JPG Waymart, PA (~ mile 150), infrared BRG
(looking towards 1940-ft. mountain pass)
P7205109.JPG Farm in Waymart, PA, visible light
P7205113.JPG PA 106 & 247 (~ mile 159), top of first of two mountain passes between Carbondale and Lenox, visible light, looking east P7205113BRG.JPG PA 106 & 247, visible light BRG
(similar to EIR film)
P7205113BGR.JPG PA 106 & 247, visible light BGR (normal foliage, Martian sky)
P7205110BRG.JPG PA 106 & 247, infrared BRG, looking west
(similar to previous year's visible-light photo)
P7205112contrast.JPG PA 106 & 247, visible light, contrast enhanced, zoomed

At Hillside

(Elevation 1350 ft., mile 181.8)

Wrestling and campsite photos

Arrive at camp 8:12PM, eat and chat till about 10, sub mat till 1, freestyle till 3, 5 hours sleep ... lather, rinse, repeat. ;-)

Full Moon Over Hillside
Full Moon Over Hillside

wrestlers' tents illuminated 
solely by full moon
Wrestlers' tents illuminated
solely by full moon
wrestlers' tents illuminated 
solely by full moon
Freestyle mat area under
full moon, 2:13 AM Friday
Ed going from upper to lower site 60, 2:07AM
Ed going from upper to
lower site 60, 2:07 AM
moon and campfire-light 
Moon- and campfire-light scene
Pro clinic, 
Friday 10:20 AM.
Pro clinic, Friday 10:20 AM (1)
Pro clinic, 
Friday 10:20 AM.
Pro clinic, Friday 11:36 AM (2)

Hillside Freestyle Tournament, July 23, 2005

Reflection at start of 
tournament, Saturday 11 AM.
Reflection at start of tournament,
Saturday 11 AM
Half nelson in progress (1)
Half nelson in progress
Half nelson in progress (2)
Half nelson in progress

  P7235151.JPG P7235152.JPG P7235153.JPG P7235154.JPG P7235156.JPG P7235157.JPG P7235158.JPG P7235159.JPG
Carl vs. Noel
  P7235160.JPG P7235161.JPG P7235162.JPG P7235163.JPG P7235164.JPG P7235165.JPG P7235166.JPG
  P7235167.JPG P7235168.JPG P7235169.JPG P7235170.JPG P7235171.JPG P7235172.JPG P7235174.JPG
Chuck vs. Joe
   P7235175.JPG P7235176.JPG P7235177.JPG P7235178.JPG P7235179.JPG
Mark vs. Marty
  P7235180.JPG P7235181.JPG P7235182.JPG P7235184.JPG P7235185.JPG P7235187.JPG P7235189.JPG
E vs. Roger
   P7235190.JPG P7235191.JPG P7235192.JPG P7235193.JPG P7235194.JPG P7235195.JPG
Chris vs. Chuck
   P7235196.JPG P7235197.JPG P7235200.JPG P7235201.JPG P7235202.JPG
Carl vs. Nick
   P7235203.JPG P7235204.JPG P7235208.JPG P7235209.JPG P7235210.JPG P7235211.JPG
E vs. Ron
    P7235213.JPG P7235214.JPG P7235215.JPG
Chris vs. Joe
Noel vs. Roger
   P7235218.JPG P7235219.JPG P7235220.JPG P7235222.JPG P7235223.JPG
Chuck vs. Mark
   P7235224.JPG P7235225.JPG P7235226.JPG P7235227.JPG P7235228.JPG P7235229.JPG
   P7235230.JPG P7235231.JPG P7235232.JPG P7235233.JPG P7235235.JPG
Ron vs. Carl
P7235236.JPG P7235237.JPG P7235238.JPG P7235239.JPG P7235240.JPG P7235241.JPG P7235242.JPG P7235243.JPG P7235244.JPG
Marty vs. Joe
   P7235245.JPG P7235246.JPG P7235247.JPG P7235248.JPG P7235249.JPG P7235250.JPG
Mark vs. Joe
P7235251.JPG P7235252.JPG P7235253.JPG P7235254.JPG P7235255.JPG P7235256.JPG P7235257.JPG P7235258.JPG P7235261.JPG P7235263.JPG
E vs. Carl
Group shot of competitors 
after tournament
Group shot of competitors after tournament

Joe at lunch
Joe at lunch
Four-legged spectators at tournament
Four-legged spectators at tournament
View from tent at lunch 
after tournament (IR, BGR)
View from tent at lunch after tournament (IR, BGR)
View from tent at lunch 
after tournament (IR, tungsten white balance)
View from tent at lunch after tournament (IR, tungsten white balance)
IR view on the freestyle 
IR view on the freestyle mat
Calvin warming up
Calvin warming up

Ed vs. Ron
Ed vs. Ron
Submission match
Submission match

Mike (Sluggo)'s Hillside 2005 Photos

Click here for Mike's 
Hillside 2005 photos
Click for submission, pro, freestyle, around the camp and more

Mike (WrestlingDuo)'s Hillside 2005 Photos

Click here for WrestlingDuo's 
Hillside 2005 photos
Lots of submission shots plus the freestyle clinic, tournament and candid shots from around the camp

Andrew's Hillside 2005 Photos

More around-the-camp and wrestling pics, contributed by Andrew. More are here.

P0006632.JPG P0006633.JPG P0006634.JPG P0006636.JPG P0006637.JPG P0006638.JPG P0006639.JPG P0006640.JPG

Pro Show on Saturday

The Ring is Back:
Click here for photos from the Pro Show on Saturday evening
The Ring is Back:
Click here for photos from the Pro Show on Saturday evening

Hillside 2005 -- End of the Weekend and the Ride Back

P7255337BGR.jpg Empty campsite on Monday
morning (infrared BGR)
P7255339.JPG Lower site 60
P7255341.JPG Submission area, upper site 60 P7255344.JPG Blackberries ripening, lower site 60
P7255345.JPG Susquehanna, PA P7255347.JPG Oakland, PA
P7255337BGR.jpg Near Windsor, NY (infrared BGR) (1) P7255355.JPG Near Windsor, NY (2) P7255362.JPG Windsor, NY just south of downtown
P7255366.JPG Mountainside & traffic light, Bainbridge, NY
P7265369.JPG In front of Covered Bridge, Hamden, NY (1) P7265371.JPG Closeup of covered bridge (2) P7265373.JPG Interior of covered bridge (3)
P7265372.JPG Plaque at covered bridge (4) P7265375.JPG Scene on other side of covered bridge (infrared) (5)
P7265376.JPG Route 28, Delhi, NY (infrared) (mile 287.4)
P7275398.JPG entering Catskill Park (1) P7275400.JPG (closeup) (2) P7275401.JPG Catskill Park (3)
P7275403.JPG Mountain pass at Belleayre Mountain (infrared) (Elevation 3000+ ft., ~mile 325, mostly downhill for the 33 miles to Kingston)
P7275409.JPG One of several villages, still on the map, submerged by the dam for the Ashokan Reservoir (between Phoenicia and Kingston, NY) P7275410.JPG Kingston, NY (Elevation 200 ft., mile 358.3)
P7285413.JPG New Paltz, NY (infrared showing high sky & clouds contrast) P7285416-8large.jpg New Paltz panoramic view P7285419.JPG Tower on top of same mountain (37.7x zoom)
P7285420.JPG Bear Mountain, NY (visible) (mile 412.5) P7285421.JPG Bear Mountain, NY (infrared) P7285422.JPG Mountain biker at Bear Mountain
P7285425.JPG Near Bear Mountain Bridge, popular 1980's destination
P7285426.JPG Iona Island geese P7285428.JPG View from Iona Island Causeway with Bear Mountain Bridge and Route 6 in distance P7285432.JPG Iona Island
P7285429.JPG Camped beyond this gate with Bike Club in 1986 but now it's closed to the public
P7285433.JPG Raspberries on Route 9W
P7295436.JPG The Unisphere in Queens, NY; 10 miles to go (elevation ~100 ft., mile ~479 of 489.0). P7295437.JPG Commemmorating 50 years of the theater in Flushing Meadows Park P7295438.JPG Flushing Meadows Park

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