China 1999

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This is my experience in Beijing, China in the Summer of 1999. If you came to this webpage first, you must start from the beginning of the story.

Sunday, June 27th
Flight to Beijing, China

First, some airline name clarifications:
  • Air China is the airlines headquartered in China. We flew Air China from Los Angeles to Beijing, China.

  • China Air (notice the word switch) is the airlines headquartered in Taiwan. We will fly China Air from Beijing back to Los Angeles.

[Boarding Pass] Cathy Wei stated in the pre-trip meeting to meet at Terminal 2 at the LAX airport. On the day of departure, as I was double checking I had at first thought this was a mistake because Terminal 3 is for international flights. But I followed the meeting directions verbatim and showed up in Terminal 2. It turns out the Air China ticket counter IS in Terminal 2!

The Air China flight itself was pretty uneventful and lasted approximately 12 hours. In fact, it was one of the smoothest flights across the Pacific I have ever experienced. Even the landing was gentle. I should have thanked the pilot.

I should mention that the inflight movies were a joke. The two movies I saw looked like they came directly out of the 1970s. The first movie was a tearjerker about the discovery of Big Foot (obviously player by a wrestler in a gorilla costume!) The second movie was a poor man's Honey, I Made My Wife Invisible clone. Terrible enough to be almost hilarious, both movies belong in a bad movie festival.

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