China 1999

[Yellow Dragon]
See a bigger picture of the dragon.
This is a closeup of the center dragon in the Nine Dragon Wall located in Beihai Park, Beijing.

Written by Al Wong (Send Email)

This is my adventure in Beijing, China in the Summer of 1999. I was taking an intense conversational Mandarin Chinese course there. This is the starting webpage for this story.

[Pic] Background Information

[Pic] Some Preparations

10/20/99 Update - I finally received the big box I mailed to myself from Hong Kong (HK) which contained most of my pictures of China. The HK Post Office told me it would take 1 month for the box to arrive from HK to the US via slow boat. They lied. It actually took about 2.5 months to arrive! The moral of this story is to keep your pictures with you no matter how much they weigh (I took hundreds of pictures). Or mail the pictures back via airmail! At any rate, I will be scanning selected pictures onto this trip report. The daily entries which have pictures and/or graphics will be denoted with a panda bear icon, [Pic]

Calendar for China Trip, June-July 1999

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[Pic] June 27
Flight to China
[Pic] 28
First Day in Beijing
[Pic] 29
Reminbi, Email, etc.
[Pic] 30
Tianamen Square
July 1
Eating Scorpions!
Class Begins
[Pic] 3
Silk Alley, NASA
Xidan Bookmart
School Visit
School #2, Painting Ducks
[Pic] 7
Temple of Heaven
[Pic] 8
Ethnic Cultural Park
[Pic] 9
Hutong, Hong Qiao
[Pic] 10
Beihai Park
[Pic] 11
Chinese Acrobats!
Painting Goldfish
Calligraphy, Jingju
[Pic] 14
Great Wall of China!
[Pic] 15
Summer Palace
Tian Jin
[Pic] 17
Farewell to Beijing
[Pic] 18
First Day in Xi'an
[Pic] 19
Terra-Cotta Warriors!
[Pic] 20
Shaanxi Museum
[Pic] 21
Tang Dynasty Day
[Pic] 22
Farewell to Xi'an
[Pic] 23
End of Trip

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