Pin Layout of the Connectors for the
Fujitsu Poqet PC Plus Handheld Computer

There are two non-standard connectors in the back of the PC Plus. The larger connector has 26 pins and is evidently RS-232C compatible. I have verified that the PC Plus recognizes this connector as COM1:

The smaller connector has 10 pins and is used as a bar code reader. I'm guessing the smaller connector could be used as COM2: but this remains to be tested.

It seems nobody sells the serial adaptor for the PC Plus. So perhaps I need to just obtain the non-standard 26-pin connector so I could make an adaptor myself. By the way, this mythical serial adaptor for the PC Plus is also the same adaptor used for the PoqetPad Plus also made by Fujitsu. Nobody seems to have these for sale either.

Many thanks to Javed Ahmed of Fujitsu Technical Support for the following pin assignment information! (I added the descriptions for the RS-232C pin connections only.)

The serial connector had 26 pins.

pin 13......................pin1

1       GND	System Logic Ground
2       TxD	Transmit Data
3       RTS	Request to Send
4       DTR	Data Terminal Ready
5       GND
6       RxD	Received Data
7       CTS	Clear to Send
8       DSR	Data Set Ready
9       DCD	Data Carrier Detect
10      RI
11      GND
12      VBAT1
13      TTxD
14      TRTS
15      TDTR
16      GND
17      TRxD
18      TCTS
19      TDSR
20      TDCD
21      TRI
22      GND
23      VBAT2
24      VBAT2
25      VDD	Power supply output voltage
26      VBAT2

The smaller 10 pin connector is actually a barcode reader.


1       GND
2       TxD
3       GND 
4       BRTSN.C
5       VDD
6       N.C
7       GND
8       GND
9       RxD
10      GND

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