UFO Over Puget Sound 8/20/2008 7:53PM

This is the first UFO photographs I’ve captured this year and not for lack of trying but whereas last year, orbs seemed to be everywhere, they seem to be making themselves scarce this year. This object, not an orb, no idea what it is.

I stopped at Richmond Beach and saw something glinting in the sun across Puget Sound from where I was. It was almost directly in line with the Sun and so the reflection of sunlight off the water was very bright making everything else appear dark. This object was also highly reflective and had a gold color to it.

Map where UFO was seen from Richmond Beach on 8/20/2008

The object slowly drifted from the left to the right (south to north) and appeared to kind of shift in shape as it moved, but as you can see from the water, there was enough warmth to cause turbulence in the atmosphere distorting the object so the change in shape could have been just due to atmospheric distortion.

I got four images of this object but the last one wasn’t very good quality because the lens on my camera has bad chromatic aberration near the periphery of the frame and the last image has the object near the periphery.

Below are 600×480 crops from the original images, (full resolution) to see the full image click on the cropped image. Also please note the date in images are off by one hour as I set the camera during the winter and it does not automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time.

UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1
UFO Puget Sound 8/28/2008 Crop 1

For comparison here is a photograph of a sailboat taken from the same location across the Puget Sound, this more to the north where the sun isn’t lighting up the water as much as is actually slightly closer but it gives you an idea of the relative scale and the clarity of a familiar object.


The boat is at perhaps three quarters the distance as the other object. This was taken from the same location just minutes later in order to provide some frame of reference. The water is darker and what appears to be the sky behind brighter because the boat was to the north of the UFO and not in line with the sun. Also note what appears to be the sky above the tree line is actually the Olympic mountains largely obscured by really bad haze today.

Make of it what you will because I don’t know what to make of it other than it’s not an airplane or helicopter. I’d really like to know if others saw this; if you were on the west side of the sound you might have been able to get a much closer look at it.

Roswell UFO Festival


The city of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history this July 3-6 2008. The four-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, family-friendly activities, and possibly an alien abduction.

The city is expecting more than 50,000 visitors during the festival and guests are encouraged to make travel arrangements early. Links to accommodations, an event schedule, and more in depth information can be found at the new festival website www.ufofestivalroswell.com.

In early July, 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell. The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement claiming to have recovered a crashed flying disk. An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and the next day, RAAF changed its’ statement to say that the object
was a weather balloon, not a flying disk as they previously reported. This revised statement sparked immediate controversy and has continued to be a topic of debate more than 60 years later.

During The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival, guests can visit alien attractions, attend lectures and book signings, and help uncover the truth about one of the most infamous cover-ups in history. Media passes are available now. Contact Alexis Kerschner at media@ufofestivalroswell.com to get your passes. For more information about the festival, visit www.ufofestivalroswell.com.

Slow Flames Moving Across Sky

In the summer of 2006, I photographed a silver spherical object, and then over the next year, I photographed similar objects several additional times, in one event a group of six of them. Then I was contacted by someone in Surrey BC Canada who was regularly photographing and observing them, then by someone in Portland Oregon that videoed one for almost half an hour, and then I started finding these in Google satellite imagery, and photographs started popping up from populated regions all over the world. Coincident with these, the reports of alien abductions ceased.

Recently, another phenomena has started to appear and that is in the form of an orange flame slowly moving across the sky. Some people describe flames dripping off like burning plastic.

In the videos I’ve seen there is distinctly two or more flames attached. These appear much like a rocket exhaust except that if it were a rocket after that long of a burn it would have been accelerated to very high velocities but instead it just moves slowly across the sky. Also you can’t see the source of the flame; it almost looks like a shuttle exhaust without the shuttle except that it’s also missing most of the smoke.

If you do a search on youtube, you’ll find there are videos of these from all over the world, not a phenomena specific to the United States.

So I’d like to encourage anyone who has seen, photographed, or videoed one of these to leave a comment or e-mail with the details. If someone out there happens to know what these are, please do say.

Alien Memories and Dreams

I found this short article by Brad Steiger entitled, “Alien Memories and Dreams”, very interesting in that the interviews with people seem to point to experiences in 1969, which is the same time frame that I had my encounter.

I do feel a bit left out though in that unlike many of the respondents, I have no memory of every being a UFO crew member, having lived on another planet in this life or a past life, of having seen crystal cities, etc.

However, I have had the feeling most of my life that I don’t belong on this planet. People on this planet deny their nature rather than acknowledge it but try to adapt to the modern day environment. People on this planet are obsessed with money, power, and don’t seem to care about the long term consequences. I feel totally out of sync with this planet, I don’t feel that I belong here.

When I was in high school and in my early twenties, I knew someone who was a war correspondent in world world II. He was a very interesting individual; he made the claim everyone already knew everything on a subconscious level; and he offered pretty strong evidence by tossing questions at one of my less studious friends with no warning which he would at least start to answer correctly before correcting himself and saying, “I don’t know that!”, but he did know that, somehow.

This person had seen many human tragedies, he’s seen what people do to each other in war, and although he himself was extremely talented at writing, and I think could have made a difference that way, he chose not to saying that, “Mankind wasn’t worth saving.”, though I think in his own way he was trying to save mankind by motivating youth to do so.

One of the things he mentioned was that crystals would become tremendously important in the future; he did not specify what type of crystal however. Now this article mentions that many of the people interviewed saw crystal cities.

I get the sense that something big is coming but I don’t know exactly what. May ET will come take me to another planet. I feel like I’m just bashing my head against the wall on this one.


Unidentified submerged objects, UFO’s underwater. Stories of strange lights, sometimes in connection with lightning, sometimes not, spinning wheels of light underwater, sightings of crafts entering and leaving water, all indications that beings that come here from far away don’t limit themselves to land.

It’s not surprising that a species capable of navigating interstellar space can also navigate our oceans. Faster than Light travel involves a lot of potential complications, not the least of which is actually getting to and past light speed, thinking in conventional terms.

Let’s assume for a moment that problem has been solved, then what? Navigation becomes interesting, we can’t depend upon any electromagnetic signals for navigation as we’d outrun any originating from Earth, and any signals originating from our destination would be blue shifted incredibly.

Interstellar space is also anything but a perfect vacuum. Interstellar space has gas, dust, even an occasional rogue planet or black hole. There is an incredible amount of things to run into when traveling light years. If we could go faster than the speed of light in normal physical terms, how do we interact with matter that is moving faster than the speed of light relative to us? I know Einstein says it’s not possible, but I’ve been aboard a craft that wasn’t from Kansas, I know that it is.

I suspect the key to interstellar travel involves more than physical technology, I think it’s a mind / spirit issue. Out of body, I can travel faster than the speed of light, but interestingly not infinitely fast, to go 40,000 light years takes subjectively about 15 seconds. When out of body, my intent is all it takes to bring me to my destination. Just think about going somewhere and I’m en-route. If it’s relatively local, like Mars, I’m there, if its’ 40,000 light years away, I travel for about 15 seconds, and it doesn’t seem linear, I feel my weight go away, I feel acceleration, I see black, and then I’m there.

I suspect these craft operate in a similar manner, there was no physical controls, no furniture, no food storage or water storage, no sleep facilities, not even any chairs, the craft I encountered. Now, it has been pointed out to me that it may also just be a shuttle of sorts, with a mother ship waiting in orbit, but I don’t believe that is the case. I am of the opinion that there are a variety of species coming here using a variety of technologies, so it may well be there are other craft that operate in this manner.

If, in this mode of travel, they do not interact with ordinary matter, then it follows that they may be capable not only of underwater operation, but even going right through the Earth or Jupiter, or the Sun.

I’ve read reports of people seeing craft cloaking or decloaking, and I’ve seen videos of this. And yes, I know what you can do with video production software and there is no shortage of video hoakum out there, but I’ve also seem some video that I feel was genuine, based both on looking at it frame by frame and really examining it closely, and based upon a gut feeling I get watching it, in one case, it seemed to trigger a memory that also invoked a great deal of fear, and yet, I can’t pin it down.

So perhaps their cloaked state is somehow entering into the same state my soul or spirit or whatever it is that is me less my body, travels. Maybe their technology is one that understands the nature of the soul or spirit. The species I encountered wasn’t the grays, but I do hear from people who claim they are interested in souls, but I don’t know if this is really true or just the interpretations of people with fundamentalist religious bias, in other words, if they can’t understand it in terms of their world view, it must be of Satan, then again, anal probes sound pretty Satanic.

I always wondered about where the idea that hell is down, heaven is up, came from. Granted, it’s definitely hot as we move towards the Earth’s center, so maybe the ancients looked at volcanoes spewing lava and thought it was hell leaking out. St. Helens definitely impressed me as being hellish; particularly the effect it had on Spirit Lake; I visited a week before it exploded, and then after saw the exact same location where we were. I could recognize the geography, that’s how I knew it was the same place, but it was completely devoid of life, an instant moonscape.

Ah well, I don’t know, wish these beings would come explain it all to me. Curious me is just bugged about this.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends

I added a link to Joan Ocean and ET Friends, a site I ran across while doing a Google search for underwater ET phenomena.

Coast to Coast AM had a guest who talked about underwater UFO’s and such. I became curious as to whether or not this sphere phenomena also manifests under water. I ran across some photos from Google Earth that looked like the sphere’s from a distance but zoomed in they clearly had a more disk like structure rather than spherical.

Still I find it interesting in part because the craft I had an encounter with 40 years ago was similarly shaped, and in part because someone who had been involved in sonar mapping of the ocean floor decades ago had said something to me about encountering a disk structure deep under water. Interestingly, the disks that show up on Google Earth underwater are in shallow water.

Joan Ocean and ET Friends isn’t what I was really looking for, I had hoped to find photographs, Joan talks to Dolphins and the site also features channeling. I have to say that’s really not part of my personal experience, I’ve never channeled anyone nor known anyone who channeled. I did read Jane Robert’s Seth material but that’s about it.

However, I know my UFO encounter is as strange to people who haven’t had one as ghosts and channeling are to me, so I don’t dismiss it out of hand, I just try to look at the material and look at the message and not worry too much about the messenger.

Overall it is fairly well put together; the graphics are creative, and there are interesting accounts. It’s another piece of the puzzle that’s worth spending some time absorbing.

Terrible Secret Of Space

Terrible Secret of Space

I realize this work by The Laziest Men On Earth, the same folks that did, “All Your Bases Are Belong To Us”, from a poor translation in the video game Zero Wing is generally considered to be just a work of pop-art, but I think there is a real relevant truth buried in metaphors.

For example, you have “Red” and “Blue” robots, who refer to themselves as “Shover Robots” and “Pusher Robots”, but the “Pusher Robots” shove an the “Shover Robots” pub.

Might the Red and Blue robots be metaphors for the Republican and Democratic parties? Both parties seem determined to protect us from the “Terrible Secret Of Space”, no matter how much pain and suffering they inflict in the process.

UFO Activity

The amount of e-mail I have been receiving lately with respect to UFO activity has been overwhelming. I haven’t had time to look into each. Two types of reports I am receiving most frequently, the “orbs” and a fireball or plasma ball like sighting.

Orbs, like those I and others have photographed, continue to be reported from just about every corner of the planet with population centers. I am not receiving reports from areas with smaller populations but I don’t know if that’s because there are just fewer people to see them or because these orbs are only parked over major population centers.

The other type of reports I have received quite a few of are reports of flames moving slowly across the sky or plasma balls or glowing, usually orange, balls. I have seen video of the flames and they are most bizarre, appearing like the flames from a rocket, but no rocket is visible and they move very slowly across the sky, too slow to be something re-entering, and too slow to be a rocket.

I will post more details here as time allows. I welcome your comments an e-mail.

Stephensville UFO

I’d really like to see better video of this. You can’t discern anything about this UFO except that it has lights from this video. Reports from some of the people describe it as, “bigger than a Walmart”, “a mile long”, “a seamless metallic object”, “a flying light show”.

Up to this point it could be the Good Year blimp, but one hunter described it as taking off extremely fast and silently (blimps don’t take off extremely fast).

There are several aspects of this sighting that seemed to involve cover up. Some witnesses said that when it returned it was chased by military jets. Initially the military said they had no jets in the air. A day later they say they had jets out on a training mission.

A reporter for the Stephensville Empire-Tribune, Angelia Joiner, found herself unemployed after publishing a story about military harassment of a Stephensville UFO witness. Her computer was confiscated, her Rolodex came up missing.

There was also some video shot of an object near the Stephensville airport making that was said to be making symbols in the air every half second, however, this video was shot by someone trying to use a porch post to stabilize their video camera and I can’t find actual video which leads me to suspect that they may have been photographing a stable object and the “symbols” result from camera jitter. A lot of these hand-held video cameras have so much zoom that getting a stable image without a tripod of a distant object is virtually impossible. You can see the symbols on Earthfiles.com.

UFO Related E-mail

I’ve received much e-mail recently and haven’t had time to follow-up regularly but I felt it worth saying that the “Orb” phenomena is becoming very widespread. I have received e-mail from many locations around the world, though the Americas, north, sound, and central, still seem to be the most common.

Another phenomena that seems to be getting more common are these orange plasma or flame things. They look like a slowly, or occasionally rapidly, moving orange flame through the sky; almost like a rocket flame without the rocket, but they often are nearly stationary, not moving fast enough to be either a rocket or falling space debris.