Sounds of Saturn

Saturn sounds somewhat like Jupiter but seems to vary over a longer time frame and contain more higher frequency components, some almost sound like tortured souls screaming in the distance.

Jupiter Sounds

Is it just me or does the formation to the upper-left of the red spot look like a body laying down relaxing and using the Red Spot as a pillow? Jupiter’s sounds are more subtle than many of the other planets, kind of haunting like a windstorm in the desert with some occasional distant thunder and some strange mechanical noise.

Mercury Sounds Mean

Mercury sounds a lot meaner than the other planets. Again, real “sound” doesn’t travel through the vacuum of space, these are sounds picked up by a plasma-wave antenna on spacecraft and then converted into audio.

Neptune Sounds

For some reason my previous post of Neptune sounds didn’t make it. Must have hit something other than Publish. Here is a re-post. I find Neptune to be almost like a distant ocean in an echo chamber. Seems appropriate somehow.

Moon Sounds

Moon Sounds. This, along with white noise from the radios, is what I think the astronauts were hearing on the far side. The moon sounds have a very haunting quality about them relative to many of the planets and other moons. Neptune I think is the most peaceful and relaxing.

Ring of Uranus Sounds

Sounds from the rings of Uranus.  Isn’t it amazing how God gave every planet their own unique sounds, and they don’t sound like noise or dead sounds, they sound alive, vibrant, energetic, and in this planets case somewhat eerie and enigmatic,  The special effects guys that make alien sci-fi movies couldn’t do better.  Listen for a while because it evolves and changes over time.

Jupiter Sounds

Here how different Jupiter sounds from Neptune. Awesome in it’s own way. Personally, I like Neptune better, perhaps the water color of the planet seems to fit the sounds it emits. Jupiter, fire orange, much different sounds, somewhat metallic.