Cube UFO

     There are no photos of the cube UFO that allegedly appeared over El Paso Texas here.  The reason?  Not a one of them is not copyrighted.  That’s my first clue that this is bogus.  I’m wondering what they’re promoting.  Seems no coincidence the resemblance to the Borg.

     Another clue, despite supposedly being witnessed by a number of people, seems only still images exist.  Odd that everyone and their brothers carry cell phones capable of video these days.  I guess it’s hard to do video in Photoshop, although there are tools for that, obviously the creator of this didn’t possess them.

     This is actually the downside of modern computer and software capabilities.  It’s possible to fake almost anything.  That said, I’m wondering what the purpose of this is, if it’s anything more than to get SecureTeam a lot of hits to their youtube videos.  They seem to be the new 3rd Phase of the Moon except 3rd phase is more focused on video.

      So I’m curious if this is part of a viral marketing thing for a new movie coming up, but if it were they’d have high quality video not amateurish fake photos.


Fake UFO Invasion

     In the early 80’s I saw a VHS tape with a supposed army officer revealing how the plan of the ruling elite to maintain control over us would unfold.  At the time, we had the cold war still going strong with Russia and even China to a degree.  It was much like the scenario in 1984 except that it wasn’t an actual hot war, just a lot of threats and arms building and general belligerence.

     This tape suggested that this would end and so a new common threat would be found and that would be terrorism.  Indeed, when the World Trade Center was demolished (yea I know they crashed planes into them but I’m talking about the thermite used to cut the beams and the controlled explosions sequenced off a floor at a time that were so obvious in the footage) in September 11th of 2001, a new reign of fascism ensued with the creation of the Department of Homeland Security. The 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 10th amendments were all thrown out the window.  So the tape was accurate in this prediction.

     This tape also predicted that eventually people would realize this was a ruse and the next fake common threat would be a fake invasion from outer space.  And now I am finding rumours of such an impending fake invasion across the Internet which makes me wonder when this will come about and how they’ll pull it off.  I say when and not if only because all the other predictions made in this tape have thus far been dead on as preposterous as they seemed.

Ufo Invasion


     The original Viking landers found evidence of life.  It was discounted as strange Martian chemistry and not real signs of life but the basis upon which it was discounted has been largely dis-proven.

     NASA keeps finding more evidence pointing to the existence of microbial life, methane gas, that is localized in origin and comes and goes.  The only real options for methane are life or geological processes and Mars appears to be geologically dead, no evidence of currently active volcanoes, no significant magnetic field, which leaves… life.

     Recently, Curiosity discovered nitrogen, in the form of nitrates, another key element in life.  NASA is quick to point out that they don’t think the nitrates were created by life, probably the result of past meteoric impacts or lightning.

    Curiosity also found chlorobenzene and dichloroalkanes which are chlorinated hydrocarbons, the product of chlorine found on Mars and Martian hydrocarbons. As with Methane there are possible geological processes that could create these hydrocarbons, but again, Mars is geologically dead.

     Some of the deeper canyons on Mars have sufficient atmospheric pressure that liquid water may be possible.

     So when do we get to look for actual life?  Or when are they going to announce they’ve already found life?

Life on Mars

     I stumbled across this video quite accidentally. What I found interesting was the emotional sense of being there, flying over Mars, looking for a safe landing spot on a foreign world.  I imagine if extraterrestrials are visiting us for the first time, it must be a frightening and awe inspiring experience for them.  If they’ve been visiting for thousands or hundreds of thousands of year, then not so much.  If we gain the ability to travel to the stars, the first ones to go, while the destination is still totally unknown, how awesome that will be.  I believe we are being visited.  I wish our visitors would help us out, we are stagnating here, at least I feel that way.  I understand, man would be dangerous unleashed on the cosmos.  I believe some of us are ready.

Alternative to Star Trek Vision in a Dream

I dreamt of an interstellar, maybe even intergalactic interspecies civilization this morning that was different than the Star Trek vision of mostly single races with a few extras (say primarily humans with a Vulcan or Klingon thrown in) on a large space craft warping through space with stars whizzing by (totally ignoring Doppler shift).

First, the ships didn’t warp through space the way they do in Star Trek.  If you’re a lucid dreamer and you’ve experienced the think about being somewhere and you’re there kind of travel, almost instantaneous unless you’re going across the galaxy, a 40,000 light-year move might have a subjective experience of several seconds, that’s the way the ship I got to travel on was.

Second, the way this group handled “first contact”, not at all Star Trek method, they didn’t contact a planet or a government, they contacted individuals and invited them into their group when they were ready.  There may be many residing on Earth travelling and interacting with this group now, we’d never know.

Last, the ship I saw wasn’t primarily any one race and the species there. While mostly hominid, were far more diverse than anything ever pictured on Star Trek, skin colours across the rainbow, heights from two to ten feet, various body shapes, about the only recognizable race amongst the group was there were two what we would call “greys” aboard, out of maybe a hundred individuals, and mostly just one of each species, the two greys were the only notable exception.

New Theme

I had to change the theme because the Asteroid theme would not work properly with WP Edit which is an editor for WordPress that I prefer because it adds useful capabilities like font family / size / color changes and super/subscripting, special characters, and other useful stuff.  With Asteroid, it would give you an editing window of about 2 lines of 60 characters.  Okay if you’re composing tweets, no good for blog entries.  I hope you enjoy the new theme, Decemberable.  It’s a bit more airy than I would prefer, might tweak the CSS a bit later.

A planet behind the Sun

A popular science fiction plot involves a planet in Earth’s orbit opposite the Earth behind the sun.  It emerges in articles in magazines like Popular Science on a semi-regular basis.

Only one problem, such a position would be gravitationally unstable.  It would be like balancing a pencil on it’s point.  The pencil will fall in one direction or the other.  If such a planet were ever so slightly ahead of the mid-position relative to the Earth in it’s orbit, it would be pulled ahead on average by the combined effect of the Earth and the Suns gravity, and if behind, behind, so it would, over a sufficiently long time, be pulled out of it’s position 180° opposite the Earth in Earth’s orbit.

If extraterrestrials are visiting from us, it’s not from a planet hiding in Earth’s orbit behind the sun.

Warning, Alien or Pirate?

I found this on YouTube and while I seriously doubt the origins were alien, my guess is someone with a moderate powered pirate television transmitter transmitting from a mobile vehicle, but who knows?  None the less, I agree with the message and so I would ask if the message is valid, does the messenger matter?