Alternative to Star Trek Vision in a Dream

I dreamt of an interstellar, maybe even intergalactic interspecies civilization this morning that was different than the Star Trek vision of mostly single races with a few extras (say primarily humans with a Vulcan or Klingon thrown in) on a large space craft warping through space with stars whizzing by (totally ignoring Doppler shift).

First, the ships didn’t warp through space the way they do in Star Trek.  If you’re a lucid dreamer and you’ve experienced the think about being somewhere and you’re there kind of travel, almost instantaneous unless you’re going across the galaxy, a 40,000 light-year move might have a subjective experience of several seconds, that’s the way the ship I got to travel on was.

Second, the way this group handled “first contact”, not at all Star Trek method, they didn’t contact a planet or a government, they contacted individuals and invited them into their group when they were ready.  There may be many residing on Earth travelling and interacting with this group now, we’d never know.

Last, the ship I saw wasn’t primarily any one race and the species there. While mostly hominid, were far more diverse than anything ever pictured on Star Trek, skin colours across the rainbow, heights from two to ten feet, various body shapes, about the only recognizable race amongst the group was there were two what we would call “greys” aboard, out of maybe a hundred individuals, and mostly just one of each species, the two greys were the only notable exception.

New Theme

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A planet behind the Sun

A popular science fiction plot involves a planet in Earth’s orbit opposite the Earth behind the sun.  It emerges in articles in magazines like Popular Science on a semi-regular basis.

Only one problem, such a position would be gravitationally unstable.  It would be like balancing a pencil on it’s point.  The pencil will fall in one direction or the other.  If such a planet were ever so slightly ahead of the mid-position relative to the Earth in it’s orbit, it would be pulled ahead on average by the combined effect of the Earth and the Suns gravity, and if behind, behind, so it would, over a sufficiently long time, be pulled out of it’s position 180° opposite the Earth in Earth’s orbit.

If extraterrestrials are visiting from us, it’s not from a planet hiding in Earth’s orbit behind the sun.

Warning, Alien or Pirate?

I found this on YouTube and while I seriously doubt the origins were alien, my guess is someone with a moderate powered pirate television transmitter transmitting from a mobile vehicle, but who knows?  None the less, I agree with the message and so I would ask if the message is valid, does the messenger matter?


Gray Alien Emotions

One of the things I’ve heard many abduction experiencers and others who have had encounters with the Grays say is that they do not have emotions like us.  They say their emotional spectrum is extremely limited.  They do have anger, situations where they get frustrated or a little peeved seem to come up but not the kind of raging anger we get.  They have some degree of happiness, but nothing that would be described as the joy we sense.  They don’t seem to have a very evolved sense of humor, and little in the way of aesthetics.

I have believed for some time that the Grays are actually our distant descendents.  The reason I believe this is that the hybridization program makes sense in this context.  DNA couldn’t be hybridized unless the cellular genetic machinery is the same.  If their cells don’t make the right proteins in response to our DNA or ours in response to theirs, then hybridization isn’t viable.  The only way that can happen is if we are related.  Two independently evolved lifeforms would not share enough genetic machinery to make a hybrid viable.

There is another aspect of their hybridization program that leads credence to the idea that they are our descendents, and that is that the abduction phenomena happens along family lines.  If you are an abduction victim, then likely so is at least one of your parents, and your children will also be abducted.  One explanation for this is that those families are the ones that survived the evolutionary process, they grays are specifically their descendants, and thus they are most likely to be genetically compatible.  Those of us that aren’t being abducted, we didn’t make the genetic grade.

In light of this I feel a bit saddened, because their lack of emotional spectrum is where we are headed.  In my own lifetime, and I’m 54 now, I have already seen a societal trend towards the greys existence, more of a beehive society, lack of a sense of humor in many people, the aesthetics certainly seem to be shifting in the direction of the grays, away from any form of craftsmanship and towards the merely functional.

A few examples, when I was a kid, a television was a piece of furniture in a big usually quite nice wooden cabinet.  You could buy your television in a Cherry cabinet or Maple.  Today’s televisions come in a black plastic case, no craftsmanship what-so-ever, just functionality.  And this is only to mention the box itself, and not the degeneration of the programming.

When I was a kid, houses were individually designed and built.  Today they build a development with 200 of them all the same.  Cars had fins.  They served no practical purpose, they just looked cool, purely aesthetic.  Radio stations had DJ’s and announcers that spun records, these days the vast majority are automated.

I could go on, but the point is the Grays as they are described, we’re headed there, and it’s an existence that I find difficulty finding meaning in, at least as much as we know of it.  It seems to be an existence centered around survival rather than living.

But, we may not be living quite the same future they are, because they came back in time and interacted with us, and in so doing altered the timeline.  Perhaps, by giving us a glimpse of what we became in their timeline we have a choice and can become something else.  Current trends suggest that we haven’t made the right choice but I’m still hoping people will wake up and choose something different and better.

Seattle Sighting July 7th, 2013

I’m just north of Seattle, so this sighting in Seattle on July 7th, 2013, caught my attention. I first heard about it on Coast to Coast. On the air they reported it as approximately seven miles North of Seattle, that’s roughly where Northgate is. I’m another six miles north of where this was sited. Anybody who has seen this, I’d very much like to here from you.

Mars Driftwood?


If this were on Earth, I’d say it was a piece of driftwood washed upon a beach, but what is that blue stuff?  But this is on Mars.

The Prime Directive

As much as I respect Gene Roddenberry, something in Star Trek bothers me and that is the “Prime Directive”.  At first, I thought it only bothered me because it was inconvenient.  It meant, we would not be able to help someone in distress if they hadn’t previously been exposed to extraterrestrial civilizations.

Later, I realized what really bothered me was that it represented a world view that sets us, humanity, apart from everything thing else.  There is us, there is God’s plan, or nature, or the universe, and we aren’t part of it.  But I don’t believe that is true.  I believe we are an integral part of the universe, and an integral part of God’s plan, and if we encounter a civilization that hasn’t previously been exposed to extraterrestrials and if we alter the natural course of that civilizations development, then it was all part of God’s plan, and encountering us was part of their natural development.

So in my view, the Star Trek prime directive is bunk.  Just my opinion.

It Won’t Be Star Trek

Assuming that some form of faster than light travel, or some means of side-stepping the immense distances between star systems, is possible, we will, if we haven’t already, encounter intelligent civilized alien species from other star systems. The alien species on Star Trek are almost always humanoid, with roughly similar technology. Their guns might shoot green light beams while ours choose red, but otherwise they’re pretty similar.  Almost all speak English and the few that don’t can be spoken to with a universal language translator.

I expect the reality will be much different.  Given the universe has existed at least 13.8 billion years, and if you don’t believe the big bang model, possibly much longer, the odds are good that the vast majority of species that we encounter will be considerably more advanced than us, they won’t speak English, there will be significant differences in their body plans, and not all will even be humanoid.  There won’t be any such device as a universal language translator that can instantly translate an unknown language into perfect English and English back into that unknown language.

However, I don’t think it will necessarily be as dark as some people anticipate.  Many people consider the Earth’s history and what has happened on Earth when civilizations of unequal degrees of technological advancement meet.  It has universally not been a positive experience for the less advanced civilization.  But there are some major differences between these encounters and extraterrestrial civilization encounters that may occur.

The population on Earth has for all of recorded history been pretty close to the maximum that the Earth could support given our technological status at the time.  Improvements in technology such as irrigation, selective breeding, fertilizers, mechanical planting and harvesting, have allowed us to considerably increase the productivity of the land and thus to support larger populations, and the populations have always grown to what the new technological limits support.  So man has constantly always been looking for more resources and that makes it bad for the lower technology civilization when it encounters a higher technology civilization because in a competition for resources the lower technology civilization always loses.

If extraterrestrial civilizations can get here, one of two conditions is true.  The travel from a distant star is expensive, in which case coming here for resources will be too expensive to make it feasible on a large scale and thus they will not be a significant threat to our civilization.  The other possibility is that interstellar travel for them is cheap, in which case they will have access to such a vast amount of resources from asteroids and uninhabited planets that they will have no incentive for taking our resources.

Any alien civilization we encounter will most likely have survived element 92, which means the type of alien civilization portrayed in the film Independence Day or in the movie Alien most likely would have self-destructed before they developed interstellar space travel capability.

That isn’t to say there are no threats from encounters with alien civilizations.  There are many possibilities that could be threatening in ways not intended.  For example, the possibility that an alien species visiting our planet might unintentionally introduce invasive species.  Just as our cargo ships often unintentionally bring invasive species that either cling to the ship or are taken up in ballast water, or board the ship in one port and leave in another, so might alien species from other star systems unintentionally bring something here that thrives in our environment at the expensive of native species.  I’ve wondered if the chupacabra wasn’t some alien kids pets that got loose during an excursion to Earth, a pair that bred and propagated.

Another way interaction with an extraterrestrial alien race could be negative, and I believe this in fact is happening, is that if they provide technology to only a select few, and they give just enough technology for those select few to use it to take resources from other humans and not enough to go mine asteroids, or to reach other habitable environments, then those few will weaponize the technology and use it to control fellow Earthlings and steal their resources.

I hope that if an alien civilization opts to interact with us and share technology, they do so in a way that makes it broadly available to us so the temptation to weaponize it and use it on each other is minimized.  Unfortunately, there seems to be much evidence that exactly the opposite has happened, it’s been given government military people who only see technology as a more efficient method of killing people.

At any rate; language is going to have to be learned, just as it is when terrestrial civilizations meet.  Odds are good that it will be more difficult because the alien languages won’t have common roots with Earthly languages. The speech apparatus, if it exists, might be entirely different making entirely different vocal sounds that we can’t produce or possibly even hear.  Written languages might be similar or entirely different.  The human brain has a natural syntax that at least some human languages employee. Alien civilizations might have a much different natural syntax.

If alien biology developed independently, then the chances of aliens and humans mating and creating hybrids, like Warf and his human female companion which mated to create a half-Klingon half-human hybrid, not likely.  Not only would DNA not likely be compatible but cellular machinery which interprets the DNA would likely be incompatible.

Another thing I think is that we’ll not see them here in great numbers simply because the universe is so big, there are many places to go.