Ring of Uranus Sounds

Sounds from the rings of Uranus.  Isn’t it amazing how God gave every planet their own unique sounds, and they don’t sound like noise or dead sounds, they sound alive, vibrant, energetic, and in this planets case somewhat eerie and enigmatic,  The special effects guys that make alien sci-fi movies couldn’t do better.  Listen for a while because it evolves and changes over time.

Jupiter Sounds

Here how different Jupiter sounds from Neptune. Awesome in it’s own way. Personally, I like Neptune better, perhaps the water color of the planet seems to fit the sounds it emits. Jupiter, fire orange, much different sounds, somewhat metallic.

Uranus Sounds

     Here are sounds from the planet Uranus. Again very alive, organic sounding. Almost sounds like a chorus of birds or something in the back of a wind rumble, sometimes almost human. Reminds me of the background chorus in Man Who Sold the World (David Bowie version). Singing, whistling, wind sounds where there is no wind except perhaps Solar wind.

NSA and Alien Messages

     Take a look at this document referring to 29 extraterrestrial messages on NSA’s website.

     Is this just a fictional exercise to find people good at decrypting things?

     Is it disinformation?  Perhaps when you decrypt this successfully you will find it is aliens talking about the invasion of Earth, only it’s really the NSA setting the stage for the fake alien invasion which is the next thing that will be used to control use when “terrorism” no longer serves to be a viable control.

     Is it perhaps a test just to see how a faction of the populace will respond to the knowledge of extraterrestrials?

     Or perhaps it’s genuine, they really haven’t been able to decrypt it with their resources and are hoping that someone else will?

Men In Black

     I’ve got no question that alien life exists and that at least one species has visited us.  I know this because of my own encounter.  I also think ourselves from the very distant future visit us and actually are the people involved in abductions.

     But in spite of relating my own experience and my ongoing interest in the subject, I’ve never been visited by the “Men In Black”, so as far as UFO / Aliens go, I’m disinclined to believe they exist, although they were fun movies.

     Real Men In Black do exist but their job relates to nuclear materials and incidents, not aliens.

     If anyone out there has had a Men in Black encounter, I’d be real interested in hearing the details.

Signs of Alien Life

     I would love to hear first hand audio / video of Edgar Mitchell saying the things he is alleged to say in this video.

     I find it credible from the standpoint of what happened on Apollo 13, how marginal the failure was and that it prevented the landing but allowed the crew to safely return to Earth, barely.  I am somewhat disinclined to believe that oxygen tank failure in the service module was accidental.

     There is so much garbage data on the web, pictures of alien bases on the moon that are on the limits of resolution so more probably they are just rocks.  It’s like looking at clouds and imaging bunny rabbits.  I know higher resolution images exist, in particular those taken by Clementine.  Why don’t they make that data publicly available?



     This is what happens when you try to make real data about UFO cover-ups available.  This was a video of Mike Wallace interviewing Marine Major Donald Keyhoe.  This is the problem with a few major companies owning all the media.  They are easily controlled by the powers that be and anything like this ordered taken down with some viable excuse.


     And the “Sorry about that” couldn’t be more insincere.

Alien Christmas

     Many Christians who take every word in the Bible literally dismiss the possibility of alien races on other planets in spite of the fact that there are probably around 10^24 habitable planets in the observable universe and many more beyond that.

     Personally, I think aliens do exist, whether Christ died for their sins or not, or whether he placed the same rules upon them is anyone’s guess.  I don’t think anybody has a perfect understanding of God, anymore than an ant can hope to understand us.  However, this much I believe is true:

Acts 10:34-35

34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: 35 But in every nation he that fears him, and works righteousness, is accepted with him.

     I don’t know everything there is to know about God, and probably a lot less than other human beings, but I do know that God is loving, and I believe his love is universal.