I have added a link to the sidebar to the Geothermal Power Blog, a comprehensive resource dealing with the subject of geothermal power.

The United States generates only .5% of it’s electricity from Geothermal Energy, and given the widespread existence of generous geothermal resources in the western United States, this is tragic.

However, the rising cost of fossil fuels and improvements in drilling technology have brought the cost of geothermal into the range of being competitive in the electricity generation market. Wind Power exploded and continues to grow after it became economically viable, and I expect we’ll see a similar growth in geothermal energy as a result.

However, I am troubled that we are still building coal fired power plants in spite of the fact that NO fossil fuel creates more carbon dioxide per unit of energy generated than coal. In addition to contributing to global warming, just visit any place where coal is the primary source of electricity. Go outside the town and look up on a cloudless day, the sky isn’t blue, it’s brown. Look at all the buildings in the area, they’ll all have a coat of soot. Look at the people, they all look prematurely aged. Coal burning distributes mercury, and radioactive elements into the environment.

I heard a new coal fired plant is planned for Washington State to be operational by 2014. Given the ample geothermal and wind resources present in this state, this is insanity.