Future Nuclear Dream

     Last night I had a dream in which my job was to identify abandoned nuclear reactors, fuel rods, waste, for clean-up and reclamation.

     In the dream, I was particularly looking in Africa because many African governments had created reactors and because they were unstable they were abandoned when the government fell apart or was replaced.

     At this point in our history, we had developed a technique for removing waste from soil and most other things and packaging it in a shipping container for treatment.

     The treatment involved first extracting all the actinides from the fission products.  The actinides would be burned in a fast reactor leaving only relatively short-lived fission products.  The fission products would decay to safe materials in about 300 years versus a million years for waste containing actinides.

Fluoride Reactor

This is essentially the same as molten salt reactors.  It will not burn Thorium directly as Thorium 232 is NOT fissionable.  So it requires a fissionable isotope of Uranium or Plutonium to get things started.  Thorium 232 then absorbs a neutron to become Thorium 233, and then beta decays to Protactinium 233, which beta decays again to become Uranium 233 which is fissionable.  What is not stated in this video is that these reactors can fission most actinides because actinides are fissionable with fast neutrons generated in these reactors so the waste products that are left are only fission products and these all have half-lives that are short transforming a 500,000 year waste problem into a one or two hundred year waste problem and a waste volume less than 1/100th that of a conventional light water reactor.

US Power Grid

     Some time ago I wrote advocating tying together the three major US power grids with DC inter-ties. I am happy to see today that that has in fact been done.

     DC inter-ties are more efficient over distances greater than about 300 miles,immune to the effects of solar induced or nuclear induced magnetic interference, and do not require the networks be phase synchronized.

     This allows load peaks to be distributed over a wider geographical area, flattening the peak somewhat because of the varying time zones.


     If you’ve been following what has been happening in Hawaii lately on the big island, Kilauea has been sending lava through underground channels and then fissures are opening up 25 miles away from the volcano and spewing forth lava.

     I can’t help but wonder if there are any connections between the different hot spots on Earth.  If the Hawaii hot spot is becoming more active, does that indicate any changes to come for Yellowstone, Indonesia, Africa and all the other hot spots around the world?

Future – Respecting Mars

     On the subject of the planned missions to Mars by SpaceX and NASA respectively, I’m personally going to predict that SpaceX has a better chance of getting people there and back alive, but not on schedule.

     Only half of NASAs non-manned missions to Mars have succeeded and 50-50 odds are a bit short of what I would be comfortable with as an astronaut.

Tesla Electric Trucking

     The North American continent is the only continent in the world without electrified rail.  Rail is the most energy efficient means of transporting goods yet we use trucks to do the bulk of our transport in this country.

     Tesla is about to turn this into not a bad thing with their new electric truck (semi tractor trailer).  Capable of doing 65 up a 5% grade with an 80,000 lb load and a 500 mile range with the same load, and a half-hour charge time so your truck can charge while you take a meal break.


     This appears to me to be the real deal. I don’t think Tokamak is the ideal configuration but it doesn’t matter with these new superconductive magnets. They are able to achieve twice the magnetic strength as existing superconductors and at a higher temperature. The materials are such that it is possible to build a modular design.


     The thing that pains me most about 9/11 is not the loss of lives.  As tragic as that was, 3000 people die from cigarette smoking every three days.

     The tragedy is that the terrorists, who were not middle eastern, they may have flown the planes but they weren’t the real terrorists, the real terrorists were George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, and a whole secret cabal behind the scenes, got away with pulling this off so that the Homeland Security Act and Patriot Act could totally gut our constitution and effectively make GW the dictator that he wanted to be.

     The only thing that kept him from being a dictator was that he was mostly clueless with respect to what was going on.  Dick Cheney pulled all the strings for at least the first seven years of Bush Jr’s presidency.

     Before the 9/11 I could freely drive across the Canadian border with nothing more than a drivers license for identification.  Now I can’t go without a passport.  Now we got this racist bigot running for president that wants to build a giant wall along the Mexican border.  Yea, good plan that.  It may be hard to believe but tunnels go under walls fine, and believe it or not, Mexicans have ladders, helicopters, boats that can go up the coastline, airplanes that can fly under the radar.  In short, a wall will only help keep us in.  It will do little to keep Mexicans out, and personally I have no desire to keep them out.

     I was shown a VHS tape in 1985 that was from an army whistle blower that laid out this agenda for controlling the population back then that predicted that the cold war would cease to be an effective means of controlling us, and certainly when the Soviet Union fell apart, and after Nixon normalized relations with China, this was true.

     This tape predicted that “terrorism” would become the new excuse to control us, and that came about in 2001, so 16 years later that prediction came true.

     It went on to say that eventually terrorism would cease to be effective and a faked extraterrestrial invasion would be the new thing to unite us under fascism.  That part fortunately has yet to come about, I’m still waiting.

     It seems to me lately that things have been going kind of crazy.  Have you ever heard of the “Mandella Effect”?  This refers to the fact that many people thought Nelson Mandella had died in prison, many were sure they had seen a news story to this effect.  I was one of those people.  I was shocked to later learn he was still alive.

     I had a similar experience with Gene Wilder, prior to Gilda Radner dying from cancer, I had believed that Gene Wilder had died, then a new movie came out.  I have run into other people who have experienced this as well.

     Time is not the simple linear process most of us think that it is.  That is our common experience of it but in reality it’s much more complex.  It is possible to actually change the past and that is what we are experiencing when we experience the Mandella effect.  You can explain a single individual having these experiences as bad memories, but when there is a huge collective experience, something else is going on.

     It seems to me weirdness in general is on the rise.  More on that to come.