Nationals '05 or Bust!

The adventures of Blade, Pogo, AJ, and Echo, on their long drive from Brooklyn NY to Abbotsford British Columbia for the OB LGRA and NOTRA Nationals.
Planned date of departure: Sunday July 24th
Planned arrival time: Friday July 29th early afternoon

Friday, July 29, 2005

A Picture Share!

At the park where Niagara used to play. in Bellvue WA. Next stop is Hill Farm!

A Picture Share!

Columbia River, Vantage WA

A Picture Share!

Moses Lake, Washington.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Picture Share!

98 degrees in Post Falls, Idaho.

A Picture Share!

Montana-used cows.


Stopped at a campsite in Big Timber Montana, way off the highway and they have trout fishing, which we did not do. I had to convince them that 4 dogs was not a lot when they are greyhounds, that 2 or 3 greyhounds are like 1 regular dog. They didn't really buy that but they did let me stay.

They have wireless here, so I am posting a picture and then we are off - a later start today but we ony have about 800 miles left to the trip.

I don't know when the gates to Hill Farm open tomorrow for the masses, but I hope to be arriving in the afternoon.

Chuck Prophet, Lisa Germana, Beth Orton, Josh Rouse

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Picture Share!

Billings, Montana

Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park - South Dakota

Spent Wednesday morning driving through the park, the dogs enjoyed it and were looking out the window the entire way. No Buffalo sighted though, but the car of travelers we met at one of the overlooks did see a herd.

The landscape is soothing to drive through, I have always loved the badlands. It is a green summer here as they have received enough rain. We walked through the historic town of Medora. Lots of fake western stores and shops.

Then off to Montana

LISTENING TO: no soundtrack needed when driving with the windows open at 20 MPH

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

World's Largest Holstein Cow

Stopped and camped in New Salem North Dakota last night and hiked up to the cow up on the mountain. Her name is Salem Sue and the dogs enjoyed the hike up through the tall prairie grasses. Lot's to sniff and smell and jump around for.

The campsite was great, no one else there and very peaceful, a good night's sleep, the tent is luxuriously huge for one person!

Just spent the morning traveling through the Badlands and Teddy Roosevelt National Park. Pictures and blog post later today I haven't pulled the photos off the card yet. I am in Beach, North Dakota, off towards Billings, Montana and points west. We have traveled 1888 miles so far. Only digital roam cell service so no "picture shares" so far today....

There is an expresso shack at this Flying J, perhaps I should treat myself!!!

LISTENING TO: Buffalo Tom, Catherine Wheel,

WEATHER: Cloudy, with patches of blue sky (big sky), 59° this morning, 80° currently

North Dakota Buffalo Adventure

North Dakota is beautiful. We stopped in Jamestown and looked for the white albino buffalo (White Cloud) but didn't get to see it. Walked around and took pictures of the largest buffalo in the world. The dogs enjoyed the smells of the prairie but were disappointed in the lack of buffalo.

LISTENING TO: Swell, Josh Rouse, Badlands Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

A Picture Share!

Buffalo hunting in North Dakota.

A Picture Share!

Doggie exercise near Fargo, ND.

A Picture Share!

Day three-Minnesota

Monday, July 25, 2005

Severe Lightning - Tornado Watch

North of Rockford, Illinois I saw some dark clouds coming towards me, then fantastic lightning streaking down. Before I knew it I was in the thick of it. The cars came to a stop and we sat there with very little visibility while huge hail fell on us and winds of 60 - 70 mph went whipping across the road with small branches from trees flying around.

The storm moved south and soon it was blue sky again, I am at a Flying J (drinking their bad coffee ) in Black River Falls Wisconsin and waiting out the rain that is coming down in torrents. It hasn't rained around here all summer and so this is all that rain saved up I guess.

It's so rainy I can't even feed the dogs, their food is up in the roof pouch.

LISTENING TO: National Weather Service Warnings - pre-empted the radio stations for the tornado warnings/watches.

Crazy Weather Day

Started the day off leaving the Milan Campsite in Milan, Ohio in nice humid conditions. Tested out posting pictures from my cell phone and it works nicely. Rain clouds appeared to the south through Indiana, but mostly bright blue sky, good weather for carnival trucks.

LISTENING TO: Red House Painters, Teenage Fan Club, Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham, NPR Radio

A Picture Share!


A Picture Share!

Day two. Ohio.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Flying J - Brooksville, Pennsylvania MILE 315

Quiet drive so far through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Made a couple of stops at the rest areas. I am not sure how many times I can answer questions about whether I rescued my dogs. I seem so callous to people when I say no.

Question...why is their a town in the middle of Pennsylvania called Jersey Shore? I have often wondered.

WEATHER: Cloudy, humid, 76°, and a very light rain.

LISTENING TO: Josh Rouse, Lisa Germano, Dakota Suite, Bailter Space

I'm Off!

Here goes!