Curse of the Shadow Beasts

A new novel by Christine Morgan based on a GURPS Fantasy game.  Foreword by Steve Jackson.

Dorian's Own

A collection of short stories that follow Rick Avery's journey from boyhood as a gypsy foundling to a holy knight in the service of the goddess Dorian.  Set in the fantasy world of Orelar and based on characters from a GURPS roleplaying game.  Adult content. 

The Loves of Sir Richard

A thousand years before Rick Avery was born, he lived another life as a Tarlakian knight, Sir Richard Riktov. Based on characters from a GURPS game. Adult content.

The Empire Chronicles

A series of stories from a GURPS game of the late 1980s. Starring Belden Kaylaros, the destined but reluctant hero; Harold Ethelbald, the ambitious and unscrupulous nobleman; and Wildfire, the impetuous sorceress.
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