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The Guardians (from the spinoff series) 

The clan of the past (from "Alchemist") -- by Demona May Stephens
Old Mother (from "Alchemist") -- by Demona May Stephens
Amber -- by Demona May Stephens
The Hatching -- by Demona May Stephens
1. Angela and Brooklyn, with Kathe
2. Elektra and Broadway, with Malcolm
3. Aiden and Lexington, with Kenneth and Finella
4. Hudson peeking in on Delilah, Samson, and the four Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, 
Aramis, and D'Artagna
All Grown Up -- by Demona May Stephens
(the daughters show off their beachware)
Amber -- by Eva Sólveig Þrastardóttir
Alexander Xanatos -- by Graymonk
Amber's New Look -- by Demona May Stephens
(with Lex and Malcolm)
Amber -- by Don "Coyote" Martinez
Amber in the past -- by Demona May Stephens
Old-Mother and Goliath -- by Demona May Stephens
Amber and Hudson -- by Amy
Pics by Demona May Stephens from "The Guardians: Sisterhood"
Prince Corwin and Princess Peigi
Caillic of the Sisterhood
Captain of the Guard
Cobalt, the Teacher
Lamia the Succubus
Cherub the hatchling
Scenes by Demona May Stephens from "The Guardians: Sisterhood"
The Archmage and the gull
Amber and Hudson against a demoness
Amber and Cobalt at the cave
Lamia and Old-Mother
The Kiss
The Magus and Demona
Scenes by Demona May Stephens from "The Guardians: Cobalt"
Asanna 1
Asanna 2
Young Cobalt
Mother and Child
Rive 1
Rive 2
Asanna 3
Amber Maza -- by Dirce
Jake -- by Luke

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