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Mutates, Monsters, and Others 

Dee and Tom -- by Pendragoness
Richard Mosswell ("The Horror of Innsbrook") -- by Christi Smith Hayden
Unicorn ("Lead Me Not ...") -- by Christi Smith Hayden
Maggie and the twins, from "Playing God" -- by Theresa
Unicorn ("Lead Me Not ...") -- by Noel Leas
Dee, as an adult -- by Adrienne
Sirius (from "Flashie Thing") -- by Jade Griffin
Dee, as a teenager -- by Dirce
T'chambleau ("Damien) -- by Niahmgold
T.J. Lawton -- by Graymonk
Lifeclay Assassin -- by Graymonk
Samson -- by Graymonk
Nightstone Assassin -- by Graymonk
Proto-gargoyle ("Lylth") -- by Dirce
Lylth's son by the Dragon -- by Demona May Stephens
Cat Sabledrake ("Shameless Plug") -- by Denis de Plaen
and here's one inspired by it but never seen, Alinora Yale
Unicorn ("Lead Me Not") -- by Desert Rosette
Becca as a gargoyle -- by Jade Griffen, done at G2001
Harry the Hammer -- by Graymonk
The Coalition -- by Graymonk
The Dinosaur Clan -- by Terry Ann
Were-Panther -- by Rikki

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