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-- which doesn't mean that I  don't want other pics, just that I've removed the ones I've already gotten! The more pics, the better! Anyone inspired to draw any of my characters or scenes from my stories is encouraged ... nay, begged, to do so!

Sabledrake Magazine is always looking for fantasy-themed art, particularly for the covers!

Gargoyles Fanfiction:
Beth Maza and Coyote; "Whirlwind."
Gabriel's mates vs. the dragon; "Three of a Kind."
Judge Halverson and Inge Runolf in any of their mercenary guises.
Gustav Sevarius and Jericho meet Godiva / Anton; "Playing God"
Orpheus Bluestone and Bryce Canmore, "Baby Makes Three."
Alex, Patricia, and Sebastian; "The Guardians" series
Janine and Moray; "Future Imperfect."
Cordelia and Owen, "Sterling Silver" love spell
Xanatos dressed as a highwayman; "Xantasia."
John Bluestone, MIB; from "Flashie Thing"
Rick Alvarez, the hunk of the 23rd Precinct.
Any scenes from "What Might Have Been"
Wolf, Fang, and Hyena; "Cats and Dogs"
 Any scene from "The Eurydice Project"
Any scene from "The Guardians: Alchemist"
Amber and Dominique or Elisa and Tony Dracon; "Precocious"
Jericho, Goliath, and Elisa; "Breeding Season"
"Demon Whispers" the graphic ... very graphic ... novel ; )
Brooklyn meets Cat Sabledrake; "Shameless Plug"
Birdie, Aiden, MacBeth, and Jericho in the "Puck Teaser" apartment battle
Samson and Delilah
Corwin, Elektra, and Beth; "Beth of Both Worlds"
Tiffy, Muffy, and Babs; "The Wreck of the Margot"
Godiva, Malibu, and Brentwood; "Indigo"
The fall of Jericho; "Damien Part Three"
Julian and Ebon; "The Boy With the Healing Hands"
Jaime and Svetlana; "Jaime Cross: Diary of a Gargoyle from the Future"
T.J. Lawton; "FoxFire" or "Hotwire"
All Gargoyles fanfiction can be found here


Original Fiction:
From "Curse of the Shadow Beasts"
From "A King for Hothar," Sabledrake Magazine
Arien catching Cat at Castle Selbon
Cassidor and Gedren Ephes
Arien and Cat facing Tanneivan
Jherion and Olinne
Alinora's lying-in-state bed of roses
Alkath and Idasha
Cat's confrontation with the beasts
Jherion fighting Davore
Any scene from "A Wintersfest Carol"
Chian of Westreach
Gwillian / Will
Other Works:
Harold Ethelbald; the "Empire" stories
Belden Kaylaros and Jaenyth Maran; the "Empire" stories
Wildfire; the "Empire" stories
Rick Avery; the "Dorian's Own" stories
Sir Richard; the "Loves of Sir Richard" stories
Any scenes from "Santa's Daughter" or "The Reindeer that Wasn't"


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