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I ran across this “Extraterrestrial Blog” on the National Geographic website by Dr. Seth Shostak concerning the topic of extraterrestrial life. Dr. Shostak heads up the SETI institute, a privately funded effort to search for extra terrestrial life via their radio emissions.

The focus of Mr. Shostak’s blog is different than mine, I am specifically interested in extraterrestrial visitors, he dismisses that possibility and is interested in the general existence of extraterrestrial life.

I disagree with Mr. Shostak in a number of fronts, most notably he does not believe it is possible for extraterrestrial visitors to visit our planet because of the enormous distances involved and the speed of light limitation which he believes is absolute. My experience tells me otherwise.

The other issue I have is with the SETI protocol. As designed it pretty much eliminates all legitimate extraterrestrial signals except signals that were specifically beamed towards us intentionally taking into account the relative motions of our two planets around their respective stars.

It is my belief that it is quite possible the WOW signal, might well have been of intelligent extraterrestrial origin, but because of the relative motion of the senders planet and ours, we will never see it again, causing it to fail SETI’s protocol, unless the sender is intentionally beaming specifically at us.

However, as they say reasonable people can disagree reasonably. His blog is a relatively sane discussion of the topic of extraterrestrial life, intelligent or otherwise.

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