ET Contact?

I ran across this interview with Bob Anthony while actually searching for something totally unrelated in the field of radio. The Interviewer is worse than terrible and Mr. Anthony comes across as anything but spontaneous, both the questions and the responses to them appear to have been prepared in advance and then poorly executed.

Mr. Anthony claims to be in contact with a number of races, but mostly “grays” from Zeta Reticuli. He has a message from them for us that seems very common sense and terrestrial in nature so I am a bit skeptical. His website, Stranded On Earth, has none of this message as far as I can see. It does have some photos of “orbs” which I am of the belief represents nothing more than lens flare, at least it looks exactly like the lens flair I’ve gotten in pictures I’ve taken.

I am convinced that we are being visited by alien beings of a number of different races from different times and places with different agendas. I do not believe the grays are friendly or interested in our well being. That leads me to doubt the legitimacy of this video interview.

Check it out for yourself and make up your own mind. If nothing else there is at least some entertainment value. Bob has a very funny cartoon relating to cattle mutilations on his home page near the bottom that makes a visit to his website worthwhile.

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