ET Trends

There has been a recent wave of UFO sightings but a lack of abductions. I have not found any solid reports this year. They seem to have slowed down considerably after August of 2006.

Because the abductions have either stopped entirely or dropped dramatically, I have to believe either they’ve achieved the objectives and created their hybrid race, or they’ve failed in their objective and given up.

I am predisposed towards the first explanation because I see negative influences in the world coordinated to a degree exceeding the capabilities of human conspirators.

At first I believed that it was just a conspiracy of interests, government and corporate interests that appeared coordinated because they had common self-interests.

Signs of surgical precision in some of the events, the 9/11 attack on the world trade center twin towers and the pentagon, made to look like a handful of angry Arabs, suggested coordination by a sophisticated entity, perhaps the grays, our distant descendants.

If the grays have completed their hybridization program then their new agenda may be to maintain the ecosphere in a condition where it can sustain their hybrid race at our expense. They may not wish to totally eliminate us, especially given the kinship, even if it is in a different time line, but they will do what they perceive they have to do which may include reducing our population and standard of living and our enslavement.

Admittedly this is all wild speculation and it may be nothing more than fiction to try to make sense of the fiction of popular culture.

Still it’s something to think about.

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