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I believe there is a relationship between mass, inertia, gravity, time, and opposing electromagnetic fields. I do not understand the nature of this relationship but I felt it worth noting a few of my observations in hopes that either others with similar observations might add to the database, or perhaps the underlying principal might make itself evident to a reader.

My Encounter Experience

I was invited into a ship that was saucer shaped and had a single circular room about 25 feet in diameter. There were no compartments or separate rooms for food storage or restroom facilities or any other storage compartments, just one big room.

Around the circumference of the room about one feet from wall and about a foot or so off the floor, there was what appeared to be a glass tube of about 4 inches in minor diameter which was filled with mercury. Just to the right of the door opening from the inside perspective, there were two coils of what looked like copper enameled wire about 16 gauge wound around the tube of mercury with separators that looked like phenolic rectangles between them and on the outside of each coil.

These coils connected to what had the appearance of a battery, like a giant car battery. There were three cells and they had external inter-cell connectors.

There were no switches or other control devices visible. No console, no knobs, no buttons, no physical control devices. Nor was there any visible switch or electronics in the coil circuit. This was the only clearly visible technology on this craft and I had the distinct feeling that they wanted me to see it.

Mercury is a highly diamagnetic substance. That means that it creates a magnetic field which opposes the external field. Further, the two coils connecting to the battery like device, I believe they were opposing, because if they were not they would behave as one large coil and there would be no purpose to having two separate coils.

Stan Deyo Magnetic Vortex Coils

Stan Deyo, who used to work in some government black projects here, was almost made to disappear and moved to Australia for a number of years, while in Australia was experimenting with trying to create a “magnetic vortex”, and he built these coils he thought would achieve this.

As they were described to me (and it’s been many years since I last spoke with him so my memory on this may be fuzzy), he first built a large circular coil, like a television degaussing coil except larger, about two feet in diameter, with a fairly heavy gauge wire. Then he wrapped this coil with high voltage insulting tape, and then he wound another coil around the first such that the turns of the second coil would around the length of the first. As I understood it, the second coil was a bifilar winding so that it would create opposite and opposing fields that I would normally think would cancel and just turn into a big resistor. He applied AC voltages to both coils and a high DC voltage between them.

He fired these things up in a room full of people and he said it had an optical effect like watching a reflection in a pond when waves distort the reflection and he reported people in the room felt physically ill, as did he. The last time I spoke with him he had discontinued experiments with these because he feared for his health and that of others in the area.

I questioned why the outer coil was wound bifilar because as near as I could tell that would just cause their fields to cancel and all you would have is an electric heater.

He gave me this analogy; you’ve got two train engines on a track heading towards each other in opposite directions. Same magnitude of velocity but opposite signs or vectors. When they collide, the kinetic energy does not cancel. He suggested that the same is true of opposing magnetic fields.

Ancient Indian Mercury Vortex Engines

There is a controversial Vedic text called Samarangana Sutradhara. This text allegedly describes a mercury vortex engine, however, I have not been able to find a translation of this anywhere. Numerous internet authors have attempted to equate these to NASA’s mercury ion engine, but I don’t believe they are the same. The mercury ion engine at best provides a very modest thrust and I don’t believe the ancient Indians would have used the equivalent of “vortex” unless some sort of vortex action was actually central to the engines operation. They also described the operation of these engines as “thunderous” which bears no resemblance to NASA’s mercury ion engine.

Art’s Parts

Art Bell, formerly the full time host of Coast to Coast radio, now hosts the weekends. Some years ago he received some materials that allegedly were pieces taken from the Roswell UFO crash. Some of these pieces consist of extremely thin alternating layers of bismuth and a zinc/magnesium alloy. These particular parts were supposedly from the skin of the craft. A note of interest, bismuth, like mercury, is a highly diamagnetic element.

Lifter Technology

A device known as a lifter provides lift with the application of high voltage between the plates of a highly asymmetrical capacitor. In the case of common lifter technology there is a vertical rectangular plate several inches high, some space above it, and then a fine copper wire. The flat sections are arranged into triangles and multiple triangular sections arranged in hexagons.

There is absolutely no question that lifter technology works. It has been widely replicated. The question is one of why it works. The devices thus far have been able to produce enough thrust to lift the device itself but have not flown untethered because they can not yet produce enough thrust to lift the high voltage power supply required to power them.

It was my belief that what was providing the lift for these devices was ion-wind. That is, the high voltages used ionizes some of the air molecules and then the electrostatic potential accelerates these ions downward providing an upward lifting force on the device. The reason I believed this to be the case is that a group of people I was with built an asymmetrical capacitor device and attempted to measure lift and we did see lift. Then we placed the device in a plastic bag to eliminate ion wind as the source of thrust and we did not see lift. However, our device was not the same physical configuration as the lifter device.

Lifter experimenters have repeated this experiment with the lifter device and still saw lift inside a plastic bag. Then Purdue University placed one of these devices in a vacuum chamber, and not only was lift still observed, but the performance of the device actually improved somewhat in a vacuum. My understanding is that NASA has submitted a patent on producing thrust using asymmetrical capacitors. At present about all that can be said about these devices is that they work and we don’t know how. Whether or not their performance levels will ever be increased to the point of creating enough thrust to have practical applications remains to be seen.

The one thing we can say for sure is that they take electric power and by some means that we do not presently understand, produce thrust. This appears different than anti-gravity devices in as much as it appears to be an actual thrust, not a reduction in gravitational attraction.

Superconductor Gravitational Shield

Gravitational shielding effect seems to be provided by certain superconductors that are spinning and in certain external fields when they are right at their transition temperature. This was first discovered by Dr Yevgeny Podkletnov, a Russian engineer, formerly affiliated with the Materials Science Department at the Tampere University of Technology. Although there are claims of pseudo-science, Boeing asked Dr. Podkletnov to work with them in 2002, and there was theoretical basis for the potential of superconductors to act as transducers and transform incident EM fields into gravitational waves.

The physical arrangement involves a ceramic YCBO superconductive disk that is suspended by magnetic repulsion above three coils which have AC fields applied that also drive the superconductor to spin. Above this device, the weight of suspended devices appears to be reduced from .3 to 2%.

UFO Phenomena

UFO abductees and witnesses often describe strange behavior of electric and electronic devices. Automobile engines stop, headlights go dim and then out, instruments stop functioning, and then when the UFO departs, these devices resume operation.

I saw this strange video once, taken from an aircraft of a city below at night. A UFO came on the seen and the city lights below seem to dim in a wave as the UFO passed over. If you’ve ever taken a magnet and placed it near a color television screen or color computer monitor screen (the cathode ray tube type), and seen the swirl of color that results, the way this UFO affected the lights appeared very similar.

Arc lamps like sodium vapor street lamps, will extinguish once their voltage drops below a threshold and will not immediately restart. But when this UFO passed, the lights would dim but not extinguish.

I speculate that somehow the UFO is doing something that is affecting how matter moves through time, affecting the way the electrons flow through wires. Just wild speculation but I don’t know how else you can explain these phenomena, the car runs after the UFO passes, the lights come back on. The energy was not sucked out of the battery, the conductivity of the circuits wasn’t ruined.


There seems to be some relationship between opposing magnetic fields, diamagnetic materials, and mass, inertia, time, and gravity. There seems to be some relationship between electric charge and thrust. Understanding these relationships could lead to practical interstellar travel. The speed limit of light would cease to exist if the mass associated with a craft and it’s occupants could be eliminated. In addition to practical interstellar travel, if such physics exist and we understood them, the technology could replace many existing environmentally unfriendly energy generation systems.

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