UFO activity

UFO activity seems to be way up, not just here on the west coast, although it seemed to pick up here first, but now all over, Canada, England, China, and these orb like UFOs that I captured on camera seem to be well represented in current UFO reports. There are many videos of these objects, often multiple objects.

A problem with the video is that the resolution is so low that it is hard to know if you’re really looking at an orb shaped UFO or just something ordinary at the limit of the cameras resolution.

That’s why I am encouraging those of you who want to try to photograph these to use the lowest ISO speed setting on your digital camera (minimum noise) and highest resolution (best detail) with the most lossless compression available to you (raw if you have it).

These orb-like objects sometimes appear white, often match the color and brightness of the sky real closely, so enhancing the contrast on photos and then reviewing them is helpful.

What is the meaning of this recent upsurge? Is it a genuine increase in incidents or i the public just more willing to report it?

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  1. I think that it is probably just more incidents occuring. Aliens all around probly know about us now by “word of mouth” so they are exploring now.

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