News You Can’t Use

In the news you can’t use department, from the “World of Royalty Blog“, otherwise known as the “Ask Me If I Give a Flying er UFO Blog”, I learned today that Prince Philip had once planned to meet with Adam Adamski but apparently decided meeting with a UFO abductee was just too dangerous. I mean you just never know when those pesky aliens might return and you’d be in a for a probing yourself.

Apparently, he was also concerned about potential embarrassment of the Royals if it leaked. He should talk to Charles, I’m sure Charles could provide Prince Philip with a few pointers on the subject of Royal Embarrassment.

I’m actually with Monty Python on this one, “Some woman lyin’ at the bottom of a lake distributing swords is no basis of government. You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart throws a sword at you.”

I wonder which the aliens would find more humorous, the insanity that happens in a “democracy”, or in British Royalty?

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