Tethered To A Rock

Hearing reports of mother ships releasing five or six ships after leaving a portal in space which then come to earth lead me to wonder if mother ships are really ships as we think of them, vehicles for getting from one place to the next.

I wonder if space faring races, once they reach a technological level where space travel becomes trivial and where control over their environment becomes nearly absolute, I wonder then if these advanced races don’t actually prefer to no longer be tethered to a rock.

They may consider it far too confining, and the environment may be far less pleasant to them than their artificial ship environment. They may spend generation after generation traveling through space, completely nomadic, bringing agriculture or other food creating technology with them on their travels.

For what purpose do they exist? Do they exist just to reproduce and exist some more? To spread their life form as widely as possible throughout the universe? Do they look for God? Do they attempt to help less advanced species advance? Or enslave them? Or perhaps they have a taste for alien meat?

I try to think of what we would do if we had that technology at our disposal. Man seems to have a difficult time finding meaning in life unless we’re struggling to stay alive.

One thought on “Tethered To A Rock

  1. Ive thought about this for a very long time now..why, what for..Ive been trawling through the bible and other sacred books and everyone mentions ufo’s, aliens that have advanced technology for the time…its just so big a subject its over powering by the way im jill from alienexistence.com pleased to have come across your page

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