Orb Wars

Orb UFORainbow cloud.

I stumbled across an excellent site dealing with the phenomena of orb UFO’s called Orb Wars.

This site is definitely worth a look and a book mark. They have many photos of orb UFO’s very much like those that I photographed, but most strikingly they have photographs of stealth aircraft changing into an orb form. I do not believe this is what I photographed because those moved only very slowly in the sky, but many of the photos do resemble closely what I photographed and at the very least it documents technology that our government isn’t telling us about.

This site draws a connection between stealth fighters, orbs, and the 9/11 twin tower event.

The author also has some of the best prismatic effects, rainbows in clouds, that I have ever seen. I have photographed prismatic cloud effects but none as brilliant as these.

Where I have greater difficulties is with the chemtrail material, I see nothing in those photos other than ordinary contrails. The author is apparently unfamiliar with atmospheric conditions that are right on the verge of saturation that causes contrails to dissipate very slowly.

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  1. While I have no doubt that various chemicals have been sprayed up into the sky for various reasons, having lived on a flight path all of my life I have seen many many contrails. When the atmosphere is near the saturation point, very small additions of moisture suffice to to create condensation. Most of the photos I have seen alleging to be chemtrails, are in fact rather ordinary contrails.

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