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Regarding the existence of a UFO freeway which is being guarded by three red security ships that blow ships belonging to grays up if they try to leave.. Subsequent events since talking to Ted have lead me to believe this is may be a scam designed to get eyes on his products.

He has subsequently sent half a dozen e-mails advertising another domain that brokers mortgages and home security products. The latter supposedly can serve to make it just impossible for the grays to come in and abduct us while we’re sleeping. Undoubtedly a civilization that has come here from half-way across the galaxy, and can travel through walls or beam people up through the ceiling, such a civilization couldn’t possibly figure out a way around Ted’s superior technology.

After doing a bit of Google searching, I’ve discovered that this has been the pattern all over the Internet, get the word out about the Space Freeway, and oh by the way if you need a mortgage or home security product…

However, I have found many reports worldwide of activity within this region though not limited to the triangle at the end of the Big Dipper handle as he illustrates but also all along the handle. Perhaps this is not particularly surprising since the Big Dipper is one of the most recognized constellations and frequently a reference point for finding other things in the sky, thus it has a lot of eyes on it. So at this point I’ll just reserve judgment but did feel the commercial aspects of this UFO freeway promotion worth mentioning.

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  1. I found that portal a few years ago on my own while watching the sky and baught a telescope to get a better look and Ted knows what he is talking about . I don’t know about any scam but there are a lot of ships guarding that spot. Round ones and triangle shaped ones as well. They have been watching them in Europe since the 60’s. Do a search on Arcturians and you will have a better idea what we are dealing with. You can also search Sirians and Pleiadians . Or if you want to stay a little closer to the rock you can study about the Lemurians living under Mt Shasta, or do a search on Shamballa and or Agartha. Maybe it’s the Ashtar Command guarding the portal, representing the Star Nations and the Federation of planets ( the cosmo police) How’s that for a little fun. 😉

  2. You know you can find anything on the Internet, fact or fiction.

    I’ve looked many times but I have never seen any activity in the region or of the nature that Ted describes.

    Maybe my timing is just bad, or maybe it requires a special sensitivity that I don’t have.

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