Toyes – Waiting For The Aliens

Listening to various songs, Waiting for the Aliens comes up in which the singer wants to fly the aliens ship. I can identify with that. In my experience I never got off the ground. It was novel to be sure but still it’s just sitting there in a clearing four blocks from home with the door open.

The Billy Meier contacts fascinated me when I first heard about them for a variety of reasons. I know a lot of people now think the whole thing was faked, but that’s not my opinion. I think they started out with genuine contacts. I was particular impressed with the 8mm footage and the still shots of the beam ship around the tree (proving it wasn’t done with a toy model), and also the shoots out of the ships windows of an alien planet.

Personally, I’d like a ride to an alien planet with the ability to take my digital camera and a couple dozen 2 gig memory cards. The ultimate in tourism. No probes though please.

We’re arriving at a point where I’m wondering if we have any prayer of surviving our technology. Seeing the home planet of an alien civilization that has mastered interstellar travel might provide some clues. I wonder sometimes though if human beings just don’t have the right stuff. Something in our evolutionary history perhaps predisposed us to violence and greed.

It’s clear that catastrophic events have punctuated human evolution, some of them nearly driving us to extinction. I wonder if, in the aftermath of those events, it wasn’t the violent who survived. Perhaps an alien civilization evolved without such periodic interruptions.

How would our immune systems would cope with native microbial life on other planets? I suspect that our biology is different enough that viruses probably wouldn’t be a huge threat because our cellular machinery would not know how to decode their genetic instructions. Alien bacteria possessing it’s own cellular machinery and only needing us as a food source might be a larger problem.

I don’t really feel like I belong on this planet anyway. I’d rather be somewhere that people do things for some reason other than because everybody else is doing them. Any alien race with the ability to get here from another star system surely has a much more evolved civilization and culture than we.

So alien dudes come give me a ride to your home planet, let me take my digicam and take a bunch of photos and then bring me back so I can put them up on the blog here. That would make it killer!

Debunkers Bunk

I am angered by debunkers who write articles like this article in I don’t mind skeptics, someone who is open to whatever the data suggests but unwilling to believe it suggests something out of the ordinary without actually seeing the data. But debunkers, who dismiss the data outright without ever having seen it are another matter altogether.

Without some independent confirmation or other evidence, it’s hard to know what the United Airlines employees might have seen. But is it more likely that they saw an optical illusion, or that a large, unknown object hovered over one of the country’s busiest airports without being seen by anyone else or appearing on radar?

There were many witnesses that saw this object and were quite clear about what they had seen, including that it had punched a hole through the clouds when it left. Optical illusions don’t do that.

The lights over Arkansas and Arizona had something in common: they were both seen near military bases, at a time when Air Force pilots were dropping very bright flares from parachutes during training. The flares, producing in some cases nearly 2 million candlepower, would be visible for miles.

Never mind the fact that many people witnessed a structure, not merely lights, including the former Governor of Arizona and that some got it on video.

I got one comment on the photographs I took that “it’s a plane”, in spite of the fact that there are photographs with planes and the shape can be resolved down to the point where the fuselage is only one or two pixels thick, and that spherical objects (which clearly show spherical reflective patterns) are about sixteen pixels wide in one picture, six pixels wide in the other, and in that other photo there are other objects in the same photo that do resolve down to one or two pixels.

And then there is the person in Surrey that keeps photographing the same kind of spherical plane which can’t be brought into focus even in an optical telescope, the “blur” to them is a property of the object. I can’t totally rule out a plane but if it’s a plane it’s one with the ability to hover for long periods of time with a very stealthy system that almost renders it invisible optically (though it remains highly visible in the infrared).

I do know about a type of plane, one that uses I guess we could coin the term magnetoplasmadynamics, in as much as it uses a nuclear reactor to provide power, a plasma torch to ionize the air, and a system of superconductive magnets to move the air through ports and produce thrust.

I am aware that there have been some primitive attempts at optical cloaking involving meta-materials that move light around an object such that you can see what is behind it but that at present these materials only function at one particular wavelength. Now perhaps black budget projects have developed this capability more than we know and somehow applied it to these nuclear magnetoplasmadynamic planes.

These “planes” normally take the form of a black triangle with three lights (which are the ports where the plasma is pumped through) at each corner. I don’t see how the they could apply meta-material cloaking to this technology however since it would have to cover the ports and by doing so render the craft inoperable.

I won’t deny the authors note that both of these sightings appeared near Air Force bases. I think it’s worth noting that the whole UFO phenomena seemed to take off right after we exploded the first atomic bomb. I can’t help but wonder if we weren’t discovered as a result. What was the cause of that gamma ray burst?

I also wonder why the author considers the possibility of extraterrestrial craft unlikely. In the universe there is something on the order of 1026 stars, give or take a few. In this galaxy alone there is somewhere around 1012. Approximately half of the stars we have surveyed have planetary systems and that is with the limitation of only being able to detect Jupiter sized planets or large in near orbits, with the rare exception of catching a planetary transit event. In this solar system Earth is definitely capable of harboring life. Mars most likely has bacteria and possibly lichens. Several moons of Jupiter and Saturn may have under ice oceans capable of harboring life.

Anybody that follows physics and how rapidly that field has evolved over the last hundred years or so must understand that our understanding of physics is far from complete.

So exactly what is it that makes extraterrestrial craft unlikely? Space is large yes, but so are the possibilities of life within that space. We don’t know physics well enough to know there isn’t a way of getting here from another star system in a timely manner. So exactly what is it that makes it unlikely? The truth is absolutely nothing.

Responsible science, it seems to me, would hold off making assumptions when inadequate data exists and instead would seek to add to the existing knowledge base.

UFO China

China is not without it’s UFO sightings.

I thought I was looking at some kind of advertising blimp until it winked out. After it winked out I’m more inclined to think someone with a computer and video manipulation software had too much time on their hands. However, initially both the building and the object were out of focus and come into focus simultaneously. So I don’t know, this one is strange.

The interesting stuff is near the end.
Alien ship or ball lightning?

The object is in focus when distant objects are in focus and goes out of focus when the camera focuses close up on the window frame proving it’s not a toy close up. It moves relative to other objects. It’s not a street lamp.

This one is somewhat interesting too. Unfortunately, when the camera operator zooms in the camera goes out of focus so you never get to see detail.

This looks like something burning up on re-entry except it seems to move way too slow and never breaks up.

UFO / Orbs – Look For Them!

If you have seen or photographed objects like I did last August or at the end of March (see the March archive of this blog for photos), please contact me.

There is one person up on Surrey BC Canada who is seeing and photographing a similar object north of Surrey. There are some interesting aspects of these objects. During the day they come very close to matching the brightness and color of the sky so they are not noticeable to the naked eye or un-processed photograph.

However, contrast enhancement brings them out and makes them visible. They can be seen on unprocessed photographs or with the naked eye if you know where to look and what to look for but they are just barely visible.

They apparently give off heat as they are highly visible using infrared sensitive equipment at night, at least in the case of the object north of Surrey.

The fuzzy appearance, like they aren’t entirely in focus, is part of their nature. You can see in both photos that I took objects with smaller pixel counts that are focused, and you can see in the picture I took yesterday, which there wasn’t a UFO, there was an airplane in the same general location and it was in focus.

Further, the person in British Columbia trained a telescope on one and it will not come into focus on the telescope either.

So what we know about these objects so far, they’re stealthy in the visible spectrum, they give of infared, radiating heat, which makes them highly visible to IR sensitive cameras at night.

They appear defocused, both in visible light and infrared, and this is a property of them, not merely equipment out of focus.

They have been visible from Shoreline and Edmonds Washington to the north, and from Surrey BC to the north. If it were one object that hadn’t moved, it would have to be very high and very huge. It does appear to come and go though so it might be more than one object that visits both areas or it might be more than one similar object.

It is the last possibility that concerns me the most. If there is one near here, one a hundred miles to the north, is there only the two or are there thousands or even tens of thousands of these floating around in the sky worldwide, and if so to what end.

For this reason I’d really like to hear from others outside of the immediate area. Try photographing clear skies, use the lowest ASA setting and highest resolution on your camera, manually focus at infinity because with no subject in the field your camera may be out of focus otherwise, take pictures. Then take a program like PaintShop Pro and use the “Clarify” function, or else manually enhance the contrast, then look for “orb” like objects in the sky.

If you see anything let us know!

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No UFO Today…

I stopped by Richmond Beach to see if I could photograph the same spherical shaped UFO. Between the fact that I’ve photographed what appears to be the same 0bject twice in a similar location and a guy up in Surrey BC is photographing another similar object regularly, I thought perhaps this one would be there regularly as well.

It may have been though depending upon it’s altitude, clouds may have obscured it as there was a fairly thick low cloud cover.

No UFO today.


I added a link to ECETI which stands for Enlightened Contact With ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. You can judge for yourself how enlightened it is, but it does have a good UFO photo section which includes some objects similar to what I and the person with NewBranes up in Surrey have photographed.

I apologize for referring to them as just “The Person” but their profile is hidden so I don’t know their name from the comments. Anyway, check it out.

French Government Releases UFO Information

The French government has decided to release information they have on UFO incidents in France. I’ve added a link to their site, Site du GEIPAN, on the side bar. As one might expect, the site is in French, although they state that they will make an English version available in the future.

Using a translator on the web will not be of much use as the majority of the documents are scanned images in PDF format. Since the translators will not work on images the majority of the text will remain in French even with the aid of a machine translation.

When they initially brought the site up, the traffic was so heavy that it crashed almost immediately. Consequently, there is little in the way of photographs and only a small amount of text documents presently on the site, but they do say they’re working on it and will release 100% of the information, excepting that they will maintain the privacy and identities of the individuals reporting the incidents.

They divide the incident up into four categories, A) UFOs which are definitely identified, no longer UFOs, B) UFOs which are probably identified, C) UFOs which are unidentified because there isn’t enough information, and D) which are UFOs which remain unidentified in spite of good information. The last category actually comprises about 25% of the incidents.

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