News You Can’t Use

In the news you can’t use department, from the “World of Royalty Blog“, otherwise known as the “Ask Me If I Give a Flying er UFO Blog”, I learned today that Prince Philip had once planned to meet with Adam Adamski but apparently decided meeting with a UFO abductee was just too dangerous. I mean you just never know when those pesky aliens might return and you’d be in a for a probing yourself.

Apparently, he was also concerned about potential embarrassment of the Royals if it leaked. He should talk to Charles, I’m sure Charles could provide Prince Philip with a few pointers on the subject of Royal Embarrassment.

I’m actually with Monty Python on this one, “Some woman lyin’ at the bottom of a lake distributing swords is no basis of government. You can’t expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart throws a sword at you.”

I wonder which the aliens would find more humorous, the insanity that happens in a “democracy”, or in British Royalty?

UFO activity

UFO activity seems to be way up, not just here on the west coast, although it seemed to pick up here first, but now all over, Canada, England, China, and these orb like UFOs that I captured on camera seem to be well represented in current UFO reports. There are many videos of these objects, often multiple objects.

A problem with the video is that the resolution is so low that it is hard to know if you’re really looking at an orb shaped UFO or just something ordinary at the limit of the cameras resolution.

That’s why I am encouraging those of you who want to try to photograph these to use the lowest ISO speed setting on your digital camera (minimum noise) and highest resolution (best detail) with the most lossless compression available to you (raw if you have it).

These orb-like objects sometimes appear white, often match the color and brightness of the sky real closely, so enhancing the contrast on photos and then reviewing them is helpful.

What is the meaning of this recent upsurge? Is it a genuine increase in incidents or i the public just more willing to report it?

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Area 51 Orb

This object uploaded to on February 25, 2007 but no date given with respect to when it is filmed, resembles a lot the two objects I caught on still shots.

This was filmed over area 51. Towards the very end they back off the zoom to include the roof of the house so you can get some perspective on the objects size and height and tell that it’s not just a light in front of the camera.

This one is very similar, April 7, 2007, but they don’t say where they filmed it. It goes behind a contrail at one point in the video.

UFO/ET Trends

This last year has seen some strange developments in the UFO/ET scene.

The abduction phenomena seems to have all but entirely died. I haven’t been able to find any reports after November of 2006, and they were very sparse after July of 2006. I am wondering is if they’ve truly stopped or if there has been a large effort to suppress their reporting, and if the death of Harvard professor John Mack wasn’t accidental but rather a part of that suppression effort.

UFO sightings seem to be up substantially, especially on the North American West Coast. The types of UFOs being sighted seem to be shifting from the classic saucer shaped UFOs to a combination of black triangle or “V” shaped craft and orbs or spherical craft such as what I recently photographed, and occasional weird light blob formations for lack of a better description such as those recently by Dawne Berry.

There have also been a number of governments worldwide that have released UFO information. The French government in particular setup a website (linked on the sidebar) that crashed shortly after it was turned up due to an unexpectedly heavy load.

In the US, our government still seems determined to convince us we’re not seeing what we’re seeing, it’s an optical illusion (that punches holes in clouds and fools seasoned pilots and airport tower supervisors) and a lot of what I consider disinformation (your mileage may vary), things like David Adair, claiming to have built a fusion rocket at age 13, and then examined a similar but more advanced alien version, or Bob Lazar claiming to have gained an understanding of how alien craft use element 115 for propulsion, but can’t explain any details in any rational sense. I don’t know if these people are just individual attention seekers or thrown in the mix to confuse.

I am mostly curious as to the significance of the apparent cessation of abductions and increase in sightings, what is up, what are these stealthy craft I and others have photographed? Something is changing but I don’t know what or why.

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Space Portal

I received some interesting e-mail today and after much thought I’ve decided to link the website related to it,, and just offer it without too much commentary beyond to say that I’ll take a look later this year when Arcturus is visible.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Something is happening – Extremely important – Something is happening – Do
our Governments know about this?

I’ve been watching a special location in the Heavens for 30 years, (UFO
Universe Freeway Entrance/Portal) and have seen several hundred mother ships
and planetary vehicles come and go. Since August, something has changed.

Three (3) small red Alien Ships are controlling the entrance. I’ve not seen
one Alien mother ship come or go since this started. They move fast, they
chase one another, they hold in place; this has been going for several weeks
now. You don’t require anything more than your own eyes. But you have to be
in a dark location, you will not be able to see them if your in a city. If
you can see the Big Dipper, look to the south around Arcturus and watch
between 9 pm and Midnight. They are too dark and move to fast to record with
any normal camera.

I think they’re here for a reason. Are they protecting our planet for some
If so – WHAT? – WHY?

They have to be security ships – very powerful and are controlling what
alien civilizations visit our galaxy – what other reason could there be?

I hope you can see the Big Dipper from your home. Good luck, enjoy, this is
exciting, but scary at the same time!

The 3 Ships spend time parked lined up with Muphrid, then they travel
through this area.
UFO Freeway Entrance Location

Left/West of Big Dipper handle

Triangle Location

Top Star
SAO 100944
GSC 1472:1436, HIP 69673, PPM 130442, HD 124897, B+19 2777
Flamsteed-Bayer: 16-Alpha Bootis

Bottom Right Star
SAO 100766
GSC 1470:1157, HIP 67927, PPM 130166, HD 121370, B+19 2725
Flamsteed-Bayer: 8-Eta Bootis

Bottom Left Location
Cursor position
RA: 14h 08m 37.5s Dec: +13°32’47”
RA: 14h 08m 28.5s Dec: +13°33’42” (Epoch 2000)
Azm: 281°40’53” Alt: +07°09’47”
Rise: 06:46 Transit: 13:34 Set: 20:22
From Muphrid:
Angular separation: 05°51’44”
Position angle: +145°05′

Could This Be What I Photographed?

StratelliteCould this object, from a Wired Magazine article on Stratellite’s be what I photographed? These are spherical lighter than air ship designed to remain stationary at a location 13 miles high in the stratosphere to provide communications.

Seen in the daytime they are white and so would reflect the color of the surrounding sky. They should appear fuzzy though like the objects my photographs (and that is a property of the object because other items in the same photo are clear).

Spherical UFO’s

I’d still like to encourage people that haven’t seen them yet to take a look at the objects that I photographed back in August and then again this March. You can see them in the March archive.

Given the highly stealthy nature of these things I am concerned they may be far more common in our skies than we realize and if so then I think there is some cause for concern and we should learn more about them.