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Spread this link around , they have 100’s the most impressive UFO VIDEO I HAVE EVER SEEN

August 21, 2007 7:50 PM

I felt this was worth sharing in a post but not sufficiently topically related to warrant adding it to the resources on the sidebar.The link above does have some UFO related video but it is primarily oriented towards conspiracy theories. The illuminati and all that.

I have this to say, I’m 48 years old, I’ve heard variations of this same conspiracy for the last thirty years. Over the years the time table and numbers and some of the details change but the basic plot remains the same.

When I first heard this story, this planet had a population of 4 billion, and the illuminati plan was to reduce it to 250 million, now it’s 6.3 billion to 500,000. While a war starting in the Middle East and spreading has been a popular method, I’ve also heard of engineered plagues, mass starvation, and fake alien invasions as proposed methods of population reduction.

There are several aspects of this that I don’t buy into, one is that the reason is the supposed carrying capacity of the planet. This is spoken of as if it’s a hard number, in truth there are many variables that affect the planets carrying capacity and the carrying capacity could be that of the existing population and much higher if we were willing to make the necessary adjustments, and I am of the believe that the people running this planet are well aware of that.

So if they want to get rid of us, or the majority of us, I guess they probably will, but it won’t be a carrying capacity issue, more likely a greed issue.

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