More Orbs – This Time in Portland, OR

Cindy from Portland, Oregon writes (in part):

I love reading your blog … I found your blog in search for what I’ve
been seeing this year.. these white / silver spheres (or orbs or whatever
you call them) are.

No one seems to take notice or blows it all off as a FAKE — but it all
is starting to freak me out. WHY are they hovering over SE Portland,
Oregon – sometimes up to 30 minutes?

So to AMUSE them out there, since my serious vids that I have tried to
share, well, I took the some snap shot stills from my 21 minute video of
this SPHERE I video taped on Aug 17 2007 (observed in the SAME SPOT for
over 25 minutes! ) I then compiled the images in time stamp order and
added MUSIC in the back ground and made a simple video and uploaded to
Youtube – ( I RARELY upload to Youtube because the DRM the heck out of

See it here:

But MUCH more details (details are so important when in regards to UFOs
etc. ) about this particularly sighting along with the full version of the
video (where you hear me cuss ALOT – sorry about my cussing – and why I
will not upload it out there) is found on my sort of private / unknown
web site here:

I’ve taken 24 minutes of video from this site, edited out all of the time the UFO was off-screen, behind clouds, etc, leaving just over 11 minutes of video. Sent to which allows long and high quality videos, and then embedded the results here.

I had originally only created the above web site back in March 2006 about
something I filmed from back in 1992 but lately since I started the
little web site, I’ve seen others — only took me over 14 -15 years to
video tape more! LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share a bit of what I’ve seen and tried to video
tape with YOU – because I really enjoy reading your blog. I am so sorry
for my “truck driver” mouth cussing heard on the videos.
AND I am NOT saying what I’ve taped are ET… I constantly question if
what we’ve seen are OURS ( wouldn’t surprise me with Bush in the White
House) or NOT from EARTH.. or BOTH? But I do NOT film or create fake BS
crap. I detest it when I see people do that sort of thing with THIS
subject. Ticks me off to no end. Because, since 1992, the 9 witnesses
here in Oregon that saw that one thing over our area for over 25 minutes
… welll, let’s just say we take the subject very seriously. We’ve
never seen THAT kind around here since, but we’ve never forgotten it

All the best


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  1. I videotaped what appears to be the same thing in June 2007, in Michigan. I haven’t shared it though. I didn’t know there were so many other videos of the spheres.

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