Black Triangle UFO

Black Triangle

The question of whether these are terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin frequently comes up with most people believing we were incapable of creating craft with these performance characteristics. However, I have been told they are of terrestrial origin.

An X-coworker was in the national guard reserves. Once weekend each month he maintained electronics on these craft. He explained to me what they were, why they were created, and how they operate.

They are a nuclear fission powered aircraft with an infrared sensor bank and nearly infinite hover time.

They were created to monitor Soviet nuclear launches. Cloud cover frequently obscured satellite vision. Spy planes couldn’t remain aloft over Soviet territory for more than a couple of hours at best. A craft was needed that could hover and remain in place for long durations.

An aircraft relying on petroleum based fuel can’t carry enough fuel to remain aloft very long. Nuclear fission was a potential solution. However, earlier attempts at nuclear craft based on nuclear jets, Prometheus in particular, were dismal failures.

This craft is based upon an entirely different principal. It has an on board nuclear fission reactor similar to what you might see in a nuclear submarine.

This craft operates on the same principals as an MHD powered submarine, except since air is not normally conductive like seawater, it uses three plasma torches to ionize the air so it can then be directed by a magnetic field to provide propulsion. So instead of magneto-hydro-dynamics, you have magneto-plasma-dynamics. The same exact principals apply.

There are three plasma torches and jets, one at each point of the triangle, this forms a stable platform allowing the craft to hover a long time.

The magnetic coils used to propel the plasma are superconductive. It happens that the craft is also fitted with an infrared sensor array underneath so it can spot nuclear missile launches. The array requires cryogenic cooling, so do the superconductive coils, so one refrigeration system can do double duty.

I understand the infrared censors are also good at spotting marijuana on public and and that they
have been using it for that purpose as well.

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  1. I know we have craft of terrestrial origin since 1978 that are black, triangular in shape, and have a plasma jet at each point that would appear as a light. Whether or not these craft explain all of the triangle craft sightings or not, I don’t know.

  2. I know Black Triangles are there, because I saw one leaving Vegas in 1998 after my father committed suicide. He was a Vietnam Vet lifer in the Air Force. Well before he died, I asked him in his Command Post job if he’d ever seen UFO info. He joked that he had, but if he told me he’d have to kill me. So I asked him if anything ever happened to him, if he could write down some of the things he saw or read before he died, so that I could find it somehow, and that would be great. Of course, we were very tongue in cheek. But to see a Black Triangle in Vegas (home of the base that has no identifiers that people think is carting people back and forth to area 51) after my dad supposedly committed suicide (I never saw the body, my uncle and brother were with me and told me after a week, I wouldn’t want to see it. It took that long to get out there to take care of his effects) was almost like a message from him saying, “Look here, I will SHOW you!” Of course, my brother and I were driving along the highway at the time, and it went right over us, so he didn’t want to stop and look, saying something about being scared to stop on the highway at night. He was Air Force at the time himself, so I wondered why he was so adamant about not stopping, but I’m pissed at him about that sort of still, because HE DIDN’T SEE IT! I’m the only real witness to that night. I love your explanation. It does make sense that it would be a top secret (how secret can it be when you can see the whopping thing very obviously) terrestrial craft.

  3. I think the reason they keep them secret is that they don’t think the public will be too receptive of nuclear reactors flying over their heads and foreign governments might also be quite upset.

    The ones I know are ours are about 180ft on a side; but there are reports of much larger craft that are similar and I’ve had several military people tell me those are also ours and are transports.

    The latter I don’t know how reliable that info is, I don’t know the people involved personally, and I’ve never been given any specific figures as to how large they are, but some witnesses have described something four or five football fields across and if that is really true then I would be very hard pressed to believe those are ours.

    However, if there is no point of reference, you don’t know exactly how far away they are, then size estimations can become problematic.

    I don’t think we have any hangers big enough to accommodate something four or five football fields across.

    But there are other craft and things being seen frequently, I’ve photographed these silver orbs on three different occasions, on one I got six of them in one frame, the other two times they were solitary. They show up in Google Earth and Google Map satellite imagery all the time. They have a strange inherent blur to them that is not just an out of focus photograph. I know this because I’ve taken photos where they were blurred, but a very distant house in the same frame was totally sharp and both are too distant for it to be a focal distance issue. I also talked to someone in Surrey BC that has looked at them through a telescope, same blur exists, and in the Google satellite imagery they are blurred even while objects behind them are sharp. Who these things belong to, how they fly, it’s a big mystery.

    Several other things that have been showing up a lot are these slowly moving orange fireballs, and what looks like a tiny white cloud but isn’t. The fireballs are moving far too slowly to be something re-entering the atmosphere, space junk, etc. The little clouds that don’t behave like clouds, now those are just weird.

  4. I don’t know how to start. First off, I will say I am of sound mind !! But what my fiance and I saw one night in the summer of 2004 was crazy !! I wish more people were around to have seen it with us. It was 3:00 AM in the morning, we were wide awake from the heat and in love so we thought we would talk a walk to the wharf. We live in Maple Ridge B.C. Canada. We stopped for some reason unknown and started to look up in a blank daze. We were almost hypnotized. We saw at least 4 foot ball size field black triangles with a white light on each point, just floating in the sky, without a sound. And there were several little black triangles with white lights on theirs points going into the larger triangles !!! We were in awe! But we couldn’t move we we both crying unable to move.And then a very very hot blow dryer type effect wind came over us and burnt our arm hair off. Then they were gone. Gone ! Where ?? How ?? We could move and talk again, we were really scared, and haven’t really told anyone till now. What was that ?? Oh ya,, since that night,, just to let you know, I have been unable to have any more children. I a have not had my menstrual cycle since that happened in 2004, it is now 2008 and I am only 30 !!! My fiance was affected too !! Can anyone help us ????? Leanna

  5. The black triangles I know about aren’t four football fields in length, they are about 180 feet on a side.

    I am curious, when you estimate the size of these, how do you know how large they are? When you look up, without knowing how far they are from you, you can only determine an angular size, that is they take up X degrees of your visual field.

    An item ten feet above your head 180 feet on a side would look size-wise like something a thousand feet up that is 18,000 feet on a side. So how do you know? I’m not trying to debunk your sighting, I am asking this question in all honesty because I’m trying to figure out if we really have larger black triangular craft in our skies than the 180 feet versions I know of, or if the lack of a reference object is leading to these being over-estimated in size.

    If there are larger triangular craft of this description, then the question is are they ours or are they of extraterrestrial origin.

    Aspects of your sighting, aside from the size, do match the triangular craft I know about in several ways.

    First, the lights at the three corners, they are actually plasma being redirected through ducts or ports via an extremely strong electromagnetic field. The air is ionized at the top of these ducts with a plasma torch. This is similar to MHD propulsion except it’s MPD, magneto-plasma-dynamics instead of MHD magneto-hydro-dynamics because ionized air, a plasma, is used instead of salt water as the conductive medium.

    The plasma torch and the resulting magnetic compression and forcing downwards through the ports in order to provide upward lift for the craft, does heat the air providing a hot hair dryer effect that you mentioned.

    The sterilization effect I can’t account for in any way with the craft I know about, which points to an extraterrestrial origin.

    I also wonder if our black government, the folks really in control, not the ones we vote for, didn’t scale this up and decide at some point that nuclear to generate electricity to drive superconductive magnets and plasma torches was inefficient and then opt to bypass by doing something like replacing the MHD with nuclear rockets like in the Promethus project. These were extremely dirty spewing lots of radioactive debris with heated air.

  6. LOL! I think you misunderstood. I think this person meant that there were 4 triangles, each a football field in size each. Am I wrong?
    I am so glad I found this site though. At least I know I’m not nuts. Ever since I saw my triangle, I’ve been trying to research as much as I can. Thank you!

  7. You are correct, after going back and re-reading it I see that, still a football field is much larger than the craft I am familiar with and the question of whether these are scaled up versions or alien remains, and if they are scaled up are they still using the same technology.

    The loss of reproductive capability is the odd part. I would hope she would seek medical council to try to find out what isn’t working. I am also curious if there were signs of radiation exposure.

  8. I know, it’s really odd about losing reproduction. I couldn’t say whether or not I was affected in that way. Even though my triangle flew right over my brother and I, he’d already had all the kids he was going to that we know of, and I’ve had my tubes tied, so there’s no way to compare that situation here – unless he goes out and intentionally tries to get someone pregnant, which I doubt will happen as he’s 38 now and doesn’t plan on it.
    I still want to know how something so large can go so unnoticed by the general population, especially considering mine was at the outskirts of Vegas, a mighty large and active city.

  9. The one I saw was slowly floating, not far from a very busy highway in broad daylight. Quite large- close enough to the ground/ trees etc for a frame of reference- I’d guess at least 1-1/2 times the size of a jumbo passenger jet. Actually all I saw was the smoky matte black rectangular side or back panel, but I’m sure it was a triangle ship based on drawings that I’ve seen. Then it literally faded away visually until it masked itself into the blue sky like a floating rectangle of water. In another few seconds, you couldn’t see it at all as it went completely invisible to the eye. Amazing. And creepy, also, when you realize that one of these giant and silent ships, in its invisible mode, could float right over your head at a low altitude and you’d never even know it. What also amazed me was that even though this one was in plain sight of thousands of people driving by for at least several minutes, before it faded from view, nobody but me reported it, as far as I can tell.

  10. I don’t believe in UFOs. My attitude is when one lands on the Van Wyck Expressway, call me. Until then I don’t waste time on speculation.

    But…I’ve seen the Black Triangle, back in 1980. It hovered above a building across the street from my apartment at 67 East 11th Street in NYC, around 7 p.m. on a summer evening. My wife (now ex-), and I called the local news stations, but no one was interested. They probably thought we were nuts or faking.

    I have no idea who else saw it, but we were perfectly sober. It would hover, then swerve out of sight, then come back. It was black, triangular and studded with lights. Silent. But it wasn’t as “large as a football field.” I’m good on determining length and width at a distance, but it looked nearly as long as the apartment building, which stretched over 200 feet.

    Given all the sightings, I tend to believe it’s humanmade, but who knows. Whatever it is, I know it was up there.

  11. Jeff and I saw the black triangle in 1979 over Fry’s Spring, an intersection in Charlottesville, VA. It was at night, all we could see was the three white lights in an equilateral triangle and one little red “light” on the “leading” edge, which made it look more like a triangle than a disc. We couldn’t see anything other than the lights. No noise, no smoke. I had seen it before, revolving slowly over Hiway 64 on our way to the Neil Young “Rust Never Sleeps” concert in Williamsburg. At Fry’s Spring, the object hovered and then took off like a shot, no noise or smoke. So it’s nice to know that plenty of other people have also seen the “Fry Springs UFO”.

  12. they are trying to tell us that they are coming and when i was 6 i saw a ufo this is wont haped i look out of my window and a big lite if you saw it it wood hert your eyes and this ailen walk out and look at me i look away and and it was gon but 4 big black round shaps where there it had to be ailens and gess this woman saw it to no the same day she is called molly oh my name is aron reynolds

  13. I know they are real, alot may be earth explain, but i’ve heard ALOT of creditable people say they have seen them.

    -Canadian Defense Minister/Astronaut
    -Apollo Astronaut (across many different missions) speak of seeing UFO’s traking them in space.
    -Look up “Russian KGB UFO” its an authentic 60mm film — Its completely validated today.

  14. I saw the silent black triangle in June 1967. It was so large it blacked out the sky overhead as it passed over our campground. It was the size of a foot ball stadium easily. I saw a very bright light coming at me for miles away before it passed overhead. It put out all the lights on it just before it got to town.
    I had a friend with me that saw it too.
    It went very slowly over Vernal. I have seen others too going back to about 1945, but not that large.

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