Stephensville UFO

I’d really like to see better video of this. You can’t discern anything about this UFO except that it has lights from this video. Reports from some of the people describe it as, “bigger than a Walmart”, “a mile long”, “a seamless metallic object”, “a flying light show”.

Up to this point it could be the Good Year blimp, but one hunter described it as taking off extremely fast and silently (blimps don’t take off extremely fast).

There are several aspects of this sighting that seemed to involve cover up. Some witnesses said that when it returned it was chased by military jets. Initially the military said they had no jets in the air. A day later they say they had jets out on a training mission.

A reporter for the Stephensville Empire-Tribune, Angelia Joiner, found herself unemployed after publishing a story about military harassment of a Stephensville UFO witness. Her computer was confiscated, her Rolodex came up missing.

There was also some video shot of an object near the Stephensville airport making that was said to be making symbols in the air every half second, however, this video was shot by someone trying to use a porch post to stabilize their video camera and I can’t find actual video which leads me to suspect that they may have been photographing a stable object and the “symbols” result from camera jitter. A lot of these hand-held video cameras have so much zoom that getting a stable image without a tripod of a distant object is virtually impossible. You can see the symbols on

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