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The amount of e-mail I have been receiving lately with respect to UFO activity has been overwhelming. I haven’t had time to look into each. Two types of reports I am receiving most frequently, the “orbs” and a fireball or plasma ball like sighting.

Orbs, like those I and others have photographed, continue to be reported from just about every corner of the planet with population centers. I am not receiving reports from areas with smaller populations but I don’t know if that’s because there are just fewer people to see them or because these orbs are only parked over major population centers.

The other type of reports I have received quite a few of are reports of flames moving slowly across the sky or plasma balls or glowing, usually orange, balls. I have seen video of the flames and they are most bizarre, appearing like the flames from a rocket, but no rocket is visible and they move very slowly across the sky, too slow to be something re-entering, and too slow to be a rocket.

I will post more details here as time allows. I welcome your comments an e-mail.

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  1. Here is what I reported to the National UFO reporting center:
    Newport News, VA — Saw tonight (2-02-08) at about 9:50 p.m. bright orange spherical object moving very quickly from SW to NE in steady, soundless flight. Much brighter and larger looking than brightest stars. As it approached my position on my well-lit street (was walking dog), first thought was witnessing meteorite, but its luminosity did not waver except in a minute, slightly irregular way, and the complete lack of trail suggested not meteorite. Continued directly overhead more quickly than any jet (Langley Air Force base gives us daily F-22 overflights). No flashing lights — orange light from single source, not several as would be seen on aircraft; no strobes. Flew straight and steady into distance. Total visibility time approximately one minute or slightly more. ISS flyover shown to be 6:30 p.m. earlier in the evening according to NASA website, so this is ruled out.

  2. Anonymous, If you bother to look at the photos of the orbs you’ll know that they are neither meteorites nor space junk. They hover sometimes for hours in the same location but can also move rapidly.

    The flames that I referred to, they move far too slow to be an object burning up in the atmosphere.

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