Roswell UFO Festival


The city of Roswell invites UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike to join in the celebration of one of the most debated incidents in history this July 3-6 2008. The four-day event will feature guest speakers, authors, live entertainment, family-friendly activities, and possibly an alien abduction.

The city is expecting more than 50,000 visitors during the festival and guests are encouraged to make travel arrangements early. Links to accommodations, an event schedule, and more in depth information can be found at the new festival website

In early July, 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch 30 miles north of Roswell. The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement claiming to have recovered a crashed flying disk. An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record and the next day, RAAF changed its’ statement to say that the object
was a weather balloon, not a flying disk as they previously reported. This revised statement sparked immediate controversy and has continued to be a topic of debate more than 60 years later.

During The Amazing Roswell UFO Festival, guests can visit alien attractions, attend lectures and book signings, and help uncover the truth about one of the most infamous cover-ups in history. Media passes are available now. Contact Alexis Kerschner at to get your passes. For more information about the festival, visit

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  1. Mr. Dinse, I have as well experienced extraterrestrial beings. Your experience must have been significantly different from mine as you were young and not as able to relate or engage with them in a meaningful way as would be most befitting to you and their interests. I write to expose to you the most effective, and simple(with practice)way to directly communicate,hear,see,feel with these beings. Modern man looks to the outside, the object and contraption in order to establish connection or perceive evidence of the extra-human, the other unknown. These empirical scientific methods have there merits but are paltry in comparison to the internal consciousness. The mind as acting through the perceptive spark of consciousness is the ultimate reciever. With visual concentrative meditative methods it is possible to effectively “tune” into “frequencies” or plainly the spiritual resonance of others, objects, collective conceptions ect… It is evident in the principle behavior of quantum mechanics (plainly, all things are connected.) I have accumulated this ability through numerous sessions of meditation and insightful investigations. I had distant experience in the bodily comfort of home yet my mindal “knowing” part became detached. With the assistance of a higher material transcendant being it was facilitated an instantaneous transport. At once I was in the midst of so called extraterrestrials. In the center of the what could be refered to as command area of a highly advanced craft, I first, quite uncontrollably looked at the face of one of the beings working on a control panel to the fromt of the craft, this was unintentional or rather a mistake and the being offered to me, in his mind,”strange human;” he was mentally and visually taken aback, and his countenance exhibited a thread of reprehension (most probably a not highly unlikely conception in regards to his most likely extensive knowledge of disgraceful human ignorance and immorality.) I then directed my presence over a centrally seated authoritative figure. Apart from his associates or subordinates he was at least two feet taller. After exchanging astonishment at the other he proceeded, as if it were pre-organized, to direct my vision to a circular panel just to the left side of his command post. This was a holographic projector that with no delay displayed Earth. The perspective then zoomed out and away to an almost apex of separative distance between Earth and their system, as it then thereafter reached. A red planet (most probably rich with iron such a Mars) and an orbiting differently colored moon. Yes the difference. It was green, very green. I asked hesitantly to view this display of scale and distance again in light of my inability to perceive clearly things in this state. Again it was played. After this the authoritative one proceeded to display a chart of what seemed to be their periodic table. Theirs however is triangular and equally divided appropriating for each element. Each element occupied a subdivided triangle. The other then smiled at my complimentary remark. Yes a smile, very beautiful indeed. In a flash and even prior to this experience it was quite obvious the highly devoloped emotional capacity of these beings, equivalent to humans in some aspects, lacking in others and for certain aspects far surpassing. These truths are inherent and at once apparent utilizing this method of extra-perception. I will not share the rest of this experience as it is too extensive, yet if you would like to learn more you can reach me at Like you I feel out of place in this world, but despair not for ignorance will have no hold or place in the light of moral actions. We have but to act on the behalf of truth and goodness and it will be contagious, consuming and piercing into the darkness.

  2. I really wish I could get to this. Roswell represents every facet of this phenomenon – belief, desire, passion, skepticism, denial, fakery, disputed evidence, rumor, and, above all, something that still needs explaining.

  3. Michael,

    Although I was young, I would disagree with you regarding my ability to interact with them in a meaningful way.

    In fact, I would suggest that many of the prejudices people learn on the way to becoming an adult makes interaction in a meaningful way with something very different more and not less difficult.

    I also was not your average ten year old, nor am I your average adult. I had a fairly decent understanding of electronics already by that age, enough so to have built my first radio transmitter from parts of an AM table radio.

    I believe these beings knew exactly who they wanted to make contact with and I was shown the technology that I was for a very specific purpose which has yet to be revealed but I believe in time it will.

    Meditation and out of body travel are not unfamiliar to me, I have done both, but this particular counter was physical.

    I do agree with you that all things are connected, that is a fundamental aspect of the nature of the universe and certainly manifests itself in quantum mechanics.

    I have visited other planets out of body but have not encountered any other humanoid species in that state.

    But I do feel the presence of life everywhere, and I’m sure that there are many many different species in various states of development.

    Presently, I am concerned about our human species making it through our current state where we have technology to destroy ourselves but still harbor many of the primitive instincts that were appropriate for caveman and small clans but not for a global civilization.

    If people can feel the connectivity that exists; I think that is really the only hope for our survival and growth as a species.

  4. Dick,

    While I too would like to attend but do not expect that I will be able to; for me Roswell isn’t the end-all be-all of the UFO phenomena.

    From my own personal perspective, the beings I encountered weren’t the grays but I believe the Roswell crash most likely involves them.

    It is my own take that the grays are actually more time travelers than space travelers, and that if they were allowed they would take this planet from us and enslave or eliminate us.

    More specifically, I am of the believe that the “many worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics rather than the Heisenberg interpretation is the correct interpretation, because, among other things it resolves the Grandfather’s paradox. Another reason I believe it is correct is that it allows the universe, or really more accurately the multi-verse, to be with or without our observation.

    That said; I believe the grays are actually our distant descendants from a parallel universe that differs from ours in that they came back in time into our presence thus bifurcating their universe from ours at that point.

    The reason I believe the grays are time travelers is that the hybrid program only involves specific family lines. I believe there is a very good reason for this. First, a hybrid program between totally unrelated independently evolved species I don’t believe would be technically possible. The reason for this is that the genetic machinery of one race would not be able to correctly interpret the genetic instructions of another.

    So for that reason, I believe we are related to the grays.

    Second, abductions by the grays along family lines are because those lines are the lines that survived throughout the eons and became the ancestors of the grays.

    I believe they are from the future because they have adaptations that fit an environment in which our sun has progressed towards a red-giant phase, a redder sun producing less light visible light, essentially no ultra-violet light, and more infrared.

    For example, they are gray, which suggests pigments that are not selective in the visible spectrum, which makes sense if that is no longer where the Suns spectral peak is.

    The Sun being warmer; these beings might well have moved to more distant planets, Mars, or perhaps some of the moons of the gas giants, or even planets in the Ort cloud.

    With less visible light adaptations to the visual system making light collection more efficient, such as the compound lens system common to insects, may have evolved, they are reported to have insect eyes.

    Most of their operations here seem to be at night, perhaps because the light levels are uncomfortable and problematic for them visually, and because their skin lacks pigments that provide protection from UV.

    They are small; with less visible light and perhaps being farther from the Sun, photosynthesis happens at a greatly reduced rate, reduced food availability tends to lead to a smaller population. The grays are reported to be small and light.

    So what I believe the grays are is a race, our distant descendants who have reached a point where our Sun basically will not continue to support life; developed the technology for time travel and decided to travel back in time when there was much time left and their race could continue to develop. Also understanding the nature of time, they realized this would create a new parallel universe and would not in fact impact their own ancestors, so they could wipe us out entirely without eliminating themselves, but our genetic material would be identical up to the point of their arrival and thus we are still useful as genetic feedstock.

    So they’ve come back in time but now they are maladapted to current Earth situations, their vision system is inappropriate, their lack of protective skin pigments make them extremely sensitive to the UV output of todays Sun, and so they desire to create a hybrid race that is from them, that can continue to develop, but that has physical characteristics appropriate to todays Earth environment.

    Because they, in returning, have created a parallel universe which we inhabit, and we aren’t their true ancestors, they don’t give a rip about our continued survival; in fact we’re just a waste of resources from their perspective.

    Further; the warnings of ecological disasters that have been imprinted upon many abductees, the intent of those is to stop us from destroying Earth before they’ve completed their agenda of creating a hybrid race and taking over the planet.

    However, I believe another race has interceded on our behalf, the grays have “saucers” that allow them to travel in time, this other race has “orbs” which as near as I can tell came on the scene in the summer of 2006, and since that time the abductions by the grays have stopped.

    I don’t know who or where this other race is from but I believe they have an interest in allowing us to continue to develop rather than allowing the grays to take over and exterminate or enslave or race. I believe this other race is much more spiritually evolved and are also trying to help us to learn to experience the connectedness between each other and all things and to evolve out of our current self-destructive state.

    Of coarse there is a lot of speculation on my part; if you read the entire blog here you’ll find that I’ve supported it to some degree, but at present it makes sense out of the facts that I am aware of.

    However, it’s just a theory and of coarse I’m open to other possibilities.

    My take is that the universe is really teaming with life; some forms are very technologically advanced, some very spiritually advanced, some are advanced in both ways and some not advanced at all (us), and that they are all co-evolving.

    In the multi-verse, I think all possibilities are played out, an infinity of possibilities; we’re a drop in the ocean of consciousness, but I think it’s the sum total of that which actually directs the evolution of the universe.

    So hopefully, given that background, you can understand my interests being a lot broader than Roswell even though I do find the Roswell crash to be an interesting incident.

  5. Without intention of offending, this information is important

    New world order

    General Lex luxor (synonymous: Satan, Hades, Lucifer, Qetzalcoatl)
    leader of the extraterrestrial rebellious alliance

    the extraterrestrial rebellious alliance is a criminal organization responsible for the new world order(they live underground)

    The plan of the extraterrestrial rebels consists of 3 steps
    1° anarchy
    2° socialism
    3° Comunism (peoples republics)
    And finally world-wide domination

    One of the things that also need the extraterrestrial rebels are souls, these obtain them of the humans

    part of the plan is to make believe the men who Jesus (Kaile) is not the king, who does not exist

    The extraterrestrial rebels control the great terrorist and criminal organizations at world-wide level (for example: FARC in Colombia, ETA in Spain, Alqaeda)

    The truth, Jesus (kaile) is the king of the extraterrestrial ones, “king of kings” (therefore Jesus this alive one)

    The kingdom of Jesus is in a moon of the Solar System, approximately as large as Mars, call Titan (Saturn).

  6. Mr (Danger Danger Will) Robinson,

    The only Lex Luther I’m familiar with is the character in Superman who was buying up soon to be beach front property in Nevada.

    With respect to anarchy, I think it might be preferable to the current oligarchy.

    With respect to communism and socialism; next time you put $4/gallon gas in your car remember, that’s capitalism.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some evil aliens weren’t running things. I’ve been convinced that Dick Cheney is actually is actually an alien Doppelganger for some time now and that GW Bush is his blow up sex toy doll.

    I’ve never really understood what either Satan or extraterrestrials would want with souls.

    I personally believe Jesus is everywhere not just at Titan.

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